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Hellraiser Bestiary #4
Boom! Studios
Words:  Lela Gwenn, Christian Francis, Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Pictures:  Daniele Serra, Huseyin Ozkan, & Carlos Magno


Anthologies are awesome.  Kind of like a sampler case of beer.  You get a taste of a couple of different flavors while not having to commit full on to any single one.  Well, if you’ve got a taste for horror, then consider this your twelve pack sampler.  (Ok, so it’s actually a three pack, but you get the drift.)


Sleepy Hollow #2 (of 4)
Boom! Studios
Words: Marguerite Bennett
Pictures:  Jorge Coelho


Maybe it’s the freshly fallen snow outside my window, but I really appreciate the entire esthetic of this issue.  The whole thing just has a cool gothic feel to it and I really dig that.


Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #3
Dark Horse
Words: Steve Niles
Pictures: Christopher Mitten

 Criminal Macabre Third Child 3 Cover

I have to give it up to Steve Niles, this dude has me hooked.  I’m so digging this Third Child story arc like I’m digging on sour beers right now.  Yeah, they’re shocking, and bold and in your face and some people might turn their noses up to them…  But when you settle in and enjoy them for the bold, in your face flavorful journeys they are, you find that they rock out loud.  So does this book.