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So we’re a couple of days late on this one, but I think it’s worth it.  This week, Kevin and I thought it’d be fun to talk about one of our obsessions, MMA.  There’s been a lot of buzz lately coming from the world of MMA so we thought, hey, let’s talk about it.  But instead of just the two of us chatting about it, we thought it might be a good idea to have someone who actually knew a thing or two about Mixed Martial Arts on the show.  So we called up our friend Dan Hornbuckle.  Dan is a professional Mixed Martial Artist.  That means he gets paid to punch people in a cage.  He also runs his own Martial Arts/Physical Fitness/Sports Instruction Academy, the American Top Team Warhawks.  We’ve known Dan for a few years now and have been fans of his even longer.  So we asked Dan for insight into PED (performance enhancing drugs) in the sport, his take on “The Scuffle” between UFC Champ Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel Cormier, and a bunch of other random stuff.

This episode is a bit longer than normal, and honestly, could have been twice as long because Dan is quite simply a cool dude. 


The Last Broadcast #4
Archaia/Boom! Studios
Words: Andre Sirangelo
Pictures: Gabriel Iumazark


Comics are a lot of things.  Flights of fancy; tales of the fantastic; escapes from the mundane.  But what all comics have in common is the medium of Story and Art.  It’s this combination that is so appealing about this form of storytelling.  The Last Broadcast is a fabulous example of story and art coming together to become greater than its individual parts.


Black Market #2
Boom! Studios
Words: Frank J. Barbiere
Pictures:  Victor Santos


I’m not going to lie, I jumped into this book for two reasons… ok three reasons.  1) I liked the name, Black Market: 2) Frank J. Barbiere: 3) Victor Santos.  I didn’t even know the first thing about this book, but the creators alone were enough to draw me in, and I’m glad I gave it a read.


BPRD Hell On Earth #122
The Broken Equation Part 1
Dark Horse
Words: Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
Pictures: Joe Querio
Colors: Dave Stewart


It’s the end of the world.  Quite literally.  Giant monsters of unknown origin are rampaging across the land.  And the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense seems to be running thin on answers and defense at this point.  And this makes as good an entry point for new readers as any. (Besides, it says so right on the front cover.)


Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #3
Dark Horse
Words: Kim Newman and Maura McHugh
Pictures: Tyler Cook
Colors: Dave Stewart

Witchfinder MOU 3 Cover

Our hero, Sir Edward Grey, the Witchfinder, is now neck deep in the mysteries of Unland. In what started out as a murder investigation he felt was a bit beneath his skill set, Edward has found himself a bit too much in his element on this one. Newman and McHugh have developed, at least in my head, a very HP Lovecraftian tale reminiscent of Dagon.


So we’re shuffling some things around with our schedule in order to get you this week’s podcast.  I know, it’s a bit unorthodox, but we’re really excited about this week’s podcast and guest.  How excited? Katy Perry at a water park excited.


katy-perry-bikini katy-perry-bikini-02

So, yeah. We’re excited. We won’t be talking about Katy Perry. We’re going to be talking MMA with our friend Dan Hornbuckle. If you don’t know who Dan is, check this out…

Yeah. So stay tuned, and pay attention. Episode 018 will be here Thursday.

Genius #2
Image/Top Cow/Minotaur
Words:  Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Pictures:  Afua Richardson
Letters: Troy Peteri


Take Robin Hood, the Kingpin, V for Vendetta, switch genders, crank up the violence and intensity to 11, bring it into modern times and set it in LA, and you’ve got a rough idea of what’s going on in Genius.  This issue brings us behind the front lines of the siege that started in the first issue.  It becomes more obvious that this is an all out war on all fronts; from the streets, to the news room, to social media, to mayors’ office.  Everyone is scrambling, except for our Genius, Destiny.  She’s still pulling the strings, but, as the last page points out, that may come back to haunt her.  Authors Bernardin and Freeman have set forth a gritty tale of urban oppression and retribution while Afua Richardson brings it to life.  And of course, running not too deeply beneath all that action is an undercurrent of real world issues, fears and frustrations.  In a world that seems to be constantly ready to boil over, Genius lifts the lid of that pot a bit to take a peek at what’s bubbling up from below.

3.5 out of 5 Molotov Cocktails


So, a few years back I started a comic book vlog called Rockin’ Comics. It started small, with just a few video reviews. Then I launched the Rockin’ Comics Podcast, then the website. Eventually, with the help of some very awesome and talented friends, we were doing a weekly podcast, comic book reviews, feature articles, game reviews, convention coverage, and more.

And then life happened. I don’t want to go into it, but just over a year ago, I had a situation in my life that needed much more of my attention than my comic book podcast. So I walked away, and Rockin’ Comics lingered in limbo.

Jump forward to today. I’m just now comfortable enough to try an dip my toes back into the world of comic book reviews. I’ve been avoiding it for a while for a number of reasons. Time being one. Guilt being another one. I had a hard time coming back to something I really enjoyed, when I knew that I had used it as an escape (sometimes knowingly, most of the time not) from the problems surrounding my life.

But here it is, my humble re-entry into comic book reviews. This is where they will live. If you got here from the now defunct, this is why you’re here. If you got here any other way, welcome.