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Hey, we’re back!  It’s Episode 005: The Returning. (You know, because we were gone last week.)  The Holiday (Easter) happened and a few other things, but Kevin and I are back with what may be our best, or possibly, worst podcast so far.  I’m pretty sure I should appologize up front for 70% of this week’s content.  Things get a bit weird and there’s a lot of sexy time talk that may or not be considered sexy.  But hey, I’m no judge.  

This week we tackle the tough questions, like, are girl farts a turn on?  How many Peeps will fit in a toilet before your office manager gets upset?  What does that taste like?  What does Kevin like about the Illinois Marathon?  And believe it or not, there’s more.

So strap in and make with the clicky.  We’ve got Episode 005 to get to.


(Yeah, I know, I’ve used this pic before.  Get over it.  Besides, I think this one sums up pretty well the overall attitude of this week’s podcast.)

01:03 Kevin’s Peep Stories;  02:55 Strange Sex Turn Ons;  8:35 Doritos Jacked Taste Test;  15:23 Throat Punch of the Week;  19:06 Kev wraps up the Illinois Marathon in four words;  19:58 back to Throat Punching;  21:31 Douche Bag Rich Guy;  23:45 Tan Mom is a mess


Things get weird this week as Kevin and I delve into the paranormal!  (Duhn, duhn, DUUHHHHN!)  Seriously, though, Kevin and I both share an odd facination with the paranormal, so we thought we’d tackle that this week.  We’ve got some personal experiences, I’ve got some audio from some listeners, as well as two really good stories from Dustin Pari.  You might remember him from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.  I had the chance to talk with him last week about a bunch of stuff and these two stories were just too good not to share.  

We’ll also do our Celebrity Throat Punch of the Week, and do a quick flashback to last week and talk a little Late Show action.  But we start the whole shebang with a celebrity who says “Bye bye” to Twitter.

That’s it.  Let’s get ghosty.

(By the way, I’m half embarassed that at the 26:26 mark I didn’t make the “He slimed me” joke.  What was I thinking?)

2:43 Minnie Driver quits Twitter;  6:15 Ghost Stories;  8:17 Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International first encounter story;  12:15 Kevin’s ghost story;  15:46 Doug’s UFO Story;  17:51 Shadow People phone call;  20:07 Not so Paranormal phone call;  22:02 Not So Paranormal stories;  26:34 Throat Punch of the Week;  27:51 Flashback to Last week Colbert replaces Letterman



Wow.  Three Episodes.  I’m so proud.  I feel like a new Dad watching his son/daughter walk for the first time.  (Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to cry…)  Anywho, welcome to Episode 003.  Lots going on in this one.  Kevin and I take on the daunting task of figuring out who should replace David Letterman on The Late Show.  Honestly, I think Kevin has a spot on idea.  We then hear from someone who’s seen her share of late night talk shows as Kevin shares some of his interview with Joan Rivers.  We take a peak at Demi Lavato naked, Kevin uncorks a new feature, Kevin’s Pile of Weird, and then it’s time for Throat Punch of the Week.

And not to be outdone by Kevin’s celebrity interview, we end with a story from one of the biggetst names in the business.   That business is porn.  I got to talk to Ron Jeremy the other day and he had an awesome story of filming on a boat in Spain.

So go on, get to clickin’ and check out our third podcast.

So I’m a bit late on this, but here it is;  Episode 2.  This time Kevin and I talk about proper peeing techniques, things I can do with one arm, and two more celebrities we’d like to throat punch.  Bonus material: My first Top 10 List and Billy Dee Williams plays Would You Rather.  So dig in and enjoy.

Oh yeah, I broke my arm.  We talk about that too.


(Not my arm, but a stunt double X-Ray)

Also, in case you are easily offended, we swear sometimes.  As a matter of fact, I kick things off by swearing.  So get Grandma and the kids, gather ’round the ‘puter and enjoy.