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Genius #2
Image/Top Cow/Minotaur
Words:  Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Pictures:  Afua Richardson
Letters: Troy Peteri


Take Robin Hood, the Kingpin, V for Vendetta, switch genders, crank up the violence and intensity to 11, bring it into modern times and set it in LA, and you’ve got a rough idea of what’s going on in Genius.  This issue brings us behind the front lines of the siege that started in the first issue.  It becomes more obvious that this is an all out war on all fronts; from the streets, to the news room, to social media, to mayors’ office.  Everyone is scrambling, except for our Genius, Destiny.  She’s still pulling the strings, but, as the last page points out, that may come back to haunt her.  Authors Bernardin and Freeman have set forth a gritty tale of urban oppression and retribution while Afua Richardson brings it to life.  And of course, running not too deeply beneath all that action is an undercurrent of real world issues, fears and frustrations.  In a world that seems to be constantly ready to boil over, Genius lifts the lid of that pot a bit to take a peek at what’s bubbling up from below.

3.5 out of 5 Molotov Cocktails


So, a few years back I started a comic book vlog called Rockin’ Comics. It started small, with just a few video reviews. Then I launched the Rockin’ Comics Podcast, then the website. Eventually, with the help of some very awesome and talented friends, we were doing a weekly podcast, comic book reviews, feature articles, game reviews, convention coverage, and more.

And then life happened. I don’t want to go into it, but just over a year ago, I had a situation in my life that needed much more of my attention than my comic book podcast. So I walked away, and Rockin’ Comics lingered in limbo.

Jump forward to today. I’m just now comfortable enough to try an dip my toes back into the world of comic book reviews. I’ve been avoiding it for a while for a number of reasons. Time being one. Guilt being another one. I had a hard time coming back to something I really enjoyed, when I knew that I had used it as an escape (sometimes knowingly, most of the time not) from the problems surrounding my life.

But here it is, my humble re-entry into comic book reviews. This is where they will live. If you got here from the now defunct, this is why you’re here. If you got here any other way, welcome.

So let me say I’m sorry right up front.  Not for the content of this podcast (although, after hearing it you might feel I owe you an apology at the very least) but rather for the fact it is a bit disjointed.  Halfway through our recording, I accidentally hit the stop button.  Then, when I fired the recording back up, I managed to record over the first few moments of the podcast.  Then I had to go back and figure it all out.  So for that, I’m sorry.  

This week has been a bit odd for both Kevin and myself, and I think this podcast shows that.  I kickstart things with a solid rant against the Child Pageant community, because frankly, I think they’re at the best, a complete waste of time, at the worst, exploitative.  We move on to Brazillian butts, weird findings on the sides of roads, an oily case of public nudity, and the Throat Punch of the Week.  (So my Throat Punch this week may offend some of you out there.  That’s fine.  I’m just putting out one possibility.  And I’m not the only one with that thought running around in my head, so, there ya go.)

I’ve also included a video for what could be an obscure reference near the end of the podcast.





01:17 It’s been a weird week;  04:59 Doug’s rant on Kid Pageants;  07:28 Random Kardashian rant;  08:25 for the first time ever the Kardashians lead to something good: The High Five of the Week;  11:11 Weirdest thing you’ve found on the side of the road;  13:07 Impromptu story time with Uncle Kev: Lost and Found edition;  16:25 a story of public nudity;  17:49 this is where I accidentally stop recording because I’m twitchy;  19:52 We like celebrity boobs;  20:55 Kevin comes up with a new jingle;  21:37 Throat Punch of the Week

So it’s been a while.  I’ve been out at Comic-Con International doing stuff.  And Kevin has been, well, I guess waiting for me to get back.  Regardless, we’re back, and making things happen.

This week we start off, almost out of the box with a completely random story from Kevin, because he has more than any one I know.  Then we go into the story of the Flight Attendent who told the passengers on the plane to flush their drugs.  This leads Kevin and I to discuss whether or not you should tell someone the truth or not.  Honestly, it’s probably the most intellectual coversation we’ve had on the podcast.  Of course we take it south from there with Ebola, Cannibus Lube, and a Throat Punch of the Week.  Of course Kevin has more random stories, so click it and dig it.



01:27 Kev’s Random Kojak Reference;  01:55 Kev’s Random Story Time Tales;  03:54 Flight Attendant Tells passengers to flush your drugs.  10:52 Kev and I talk about sharing the truth with someone; 16:13 Random homage to Yoga Pants;  16:50 Kickstarter Potato Salad;  21:53 We talk Ebola;  25:51 Pot Lube;  29:01 Throat Punch of the Week and Random Kev Story;