Monthly Archives: October 2014

Thomas Alsop #5
Boom! Studios
Words: Chris Miskiewicz
Pictures: Palle Schmidt


There’s a rawness here in this issue.  It’s a rawness that comes with truth and honesty.  It’s red, hot and irritating like only honesty can be.  Thomas has ripped the bandage off and now that which was covered has started to ooze forth like blood from an irritated scab.


Grendel vs The Shadow #2
Dark Horse
Words and Pictures:
Matt Wagner

Grendel v The Shadow 2 Cover Varient

“Drop your weapon, villain!  Or face the pitiless judgment of… The Shadow!”  If that doesn’t get the noirier (noiry-er, noiry, noiree?) parts of your soul tingling, then you have no noir in your soul sir.  Matt Wagner has paired his Neo-Noir (is that a thing or did I just make it up?  Feels right, even if I did just make it up.) villainous hero and matched him step for step with the classic Noir anti-hero, and it makes for a great read.


X #18
Dark Horse Comics
Words: Duane Swierczynski
Art: Eric Nguyen

x 18 cover

I mean, just, wow.  This book, man it just keeps getting better and better.  These Skin Traders, they’re legit.  And Heide, that little piggy.  Who knew way back in the first issues of this series he would turn out to be just a sadistic jag.  And X!  Finally getting some insight into how he can take all the punishment he’s taken so far.


Hexed #3
Boom! Studios
Words: Michael Alan Nelson
Pictures: Dan Mora


My, my, my, our girl Lucifer certainly has a knack for finding trouble doesn’t she?  But that’s part of her charm.  When you consider she has spent most of the first three issues of her own series dead at her own hand, it makes it a little easier to understand that she’s not your typical heroine.


Black Market #4
Boom! Studios
Words: Frank J. Barbiere
Pictures: Victor Santos


Well I didn’t see that coming.  Frank J. Barbiere wraps up this first arc (at least I hope it’s just a first arc) and completely changes the dynamic between Ray and Denny with this one issue.

Without giving away too much, Ray is way more on top of things than I ever imagined.  Up until now, I’ve pictured Ray as the poor sap who’s just trying to help his girl and save his brother and has found himself in the deep end of the pool while barely treading water.  Well, that’s not exactly the case.  Ray is kind of the man in this issue.  Technically, he’s been the man the whole time, but now we all know it.


Cloaks #2
Boom! Studios
Words: Caleb Monroe
Pictures: Mariano Navarro


When you’re a super talented kid who is recruited by a covert operative team named CLOAKS, and the guy they bring in to help with that recruitment is the super talented kid’s former father figure whom he thought was dead and now, clearly isn’t… well, then you know things aren’t going to be exactly as they appear on the surface.  Welcome to issue two of Cloaks.


The Woods #6
Boom Studios
Words: James Tynion IV
Pictures: Michael Dialynas


Pumpkin beers.  They’re all the rage right now.  Finding one that is a solid beer with authentic pumpkin flavors with a good balance of spices can be tricky.  Sometimes it’s all cinnamon and nutmeg; sometimes it’s nothing but pumpkin in your face; and sometimes it’s too much of the base beer and not enough of everything else.  But when you find that pumpkin beer that has a solid quality beer base, blended with just the right amount of pumpkin flavors, and accented with notes of spices, that is damn near magical, my friends.  The Woods #6 from James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas is to comics what Dogfishhead Pumpkin Ale is to pumpkin beer.