Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Ghost Fleet #3
Dark Horse
Words:  Donny Cates
Pictures:  Daniel Warren Johnson

 Ghost Fleet 3 cover

I’m not sure there’s another book I’m reading right not that is more “rock” than The Ghost Fleet.  When you crack the front cover, it’s like turning on a Marshal stack; you can feel the hum and you know this is going to make some noise.


Lady Killer #1
Dark Horse
Words:  Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Pictures:  Joelle Jones

Lady Killer 1 cover

It’s like Mary Tyler Moore and La Femme Nikita had a baby, and that baby was Lady Killer #1.  Man, I’m just 24 pages into this thing and I want to take this baby home, nurture it, care for it, and watch over it as it grows.  (I think I just called a child and “it”… I’m not sure how I feel about that.)