Monthly Archives: February 2015

Curb Stomp #1
Boom! Studios
Words: Ryan Ferrier
Pictures:  Devaki Neogi


Take Gem and the Holograms, replace their instruments with baseball bats, knives, and brass knucks, and put them on the wrong side of the tracks, throw in some attitude from The Warriors, and mix it up with a neo classic pop color palette and you get a little peek at Curb Stomp #1.  (Or at least a peek inside my bean when I was reading it.)


Colder: The Bad Seed #5
Dark Horse
Words: Paul Tobin
Pictures: Juan Ferreyra

Colder The Bad Seed 5 Cover

Well, I almost made it through this issue without getting creeped out… Almost.  Yeah, there are fingers flying off like some morbid Kayak commercial (have you seen that one?  I freakin’ love that commercial… Anyway.) But that’s not what did it.  Nope.  Two words; Finger Worms.  Dammit guys!  (Shiver.)


Rocket Salvage #3
Words: Yehudi Mercado
Pictures: Bachan


Rocket Salvage is the Hair Band on the Rockin’ Comics stage.  It’s loud and flashy with big, bold colors, and it likes to blow things up.  But underneath the visual spectacle, there’s a solid rhythm being laid down with some genuine artistry on lead guitar.  (That is if the rhythm was the story and the lead guitar was the actual art, then that’s where that analogy comes full circle… and hopefully makes sense.)


Eight #1
Dark Horse
Words: Mike Johnson
Pictures:  Rafael Albuquerque

Eight 1 Cover

I have to give it up to Rafael and Mike for coming out swinging with a great big awesome-weird stick and just plain hitting out of whatever passes for a park in a game played with a great big awesome-weird stick.  I dig time travel stuff.  I dig post apoc stories.  I dig alt history mash-ups.  Eight is all of those and more than all of them all at once.


The Woods #10
Boom! Studios
Words:  James Tynion IV
Pictures:  Michael Dialynas


Reading The Woods continues to be like walking through the woods for the first time.  There’s the emergence of light from shadow, the sense of familiar and foreboding all at once, and a sense awe and wonder as you see parts of the woods for the first time.  Walking through the woods can make you feel like there really is magic in the world; reading The Woods can give you that same feeling.


Lady Killer #2
Dark Horse
Words:  Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Pictures: Joelle Jones

Lady Killer 2 Cover

I can’t be the only one who got a Josie and the Pussycats meet James Bond on this issue am I?  If I am, I’m good with that.  (OK, that analogy only works if you swap out three piece all girl band for a one woman solo act, but still, she’s dressed up in cat ears and a tail and her name is Josie!  I mean, I’m not too far off here.)