Monthly Archives: March 2015

Captain Midnight #21
Dark Horse
Words:  Joshua Williamson
Pictures:  Manuel Garcia

Capt Mid 21 Cover

I’m a sucker for team books.  I’m a sucker for cool looking costumes.  I’m an even bigger sucker for cool looking bad guys.  I know, Captain Midnight isn’t really a team book, but he ends up with a fairly cool team by the time this issue is all said and done, so yeah, I’m a sucker for Captain Midnight #21.


X #23
Dark Horse Comics
Words: Duane Swierczynski
Pictures: Eric Nguyen

X 23 Cover

Reading X is like riding (insert your favorite thrill ride here).  You can’t just casually open the cover and leaf through an issue of X.  There’s too much going on.  You need to brace yourself, psych yourself up, and get ready for a full frontal assault on your senses.  This is a book that takes you to the edge and doesn’t bother slowing down as it blows right past that edge.  It’s a rush; it’s exhilarating; a little frightening; and so damned satisfying.