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Ok, I know.  It’s been forever.  (Technically, not forever, because if that were the case, there wouldn’t have been 18 episodes prior to this one, but yes, it’s been a while.)  Sorry.  We’ve been, well, things happen.  We’re still finding out legs with this thing.  And if you’ve been listening to us since episode 001, or ever for that matter, we really do appreciate it.

willow creek

This week, we get back under way talking about The Fappening that occured last week.  Of course we start by talking about foreskin, because really, after almost three weeks, what else would we talk about.  From there we move into Gene Simmons and his declaration that Rock N Roll is dead.  After that, we logically end with a discussion of Bobcat Goldthwait’s move about Bigfoot, Willow Creek. So, yeah, we pretty much cover the spectrum of awesomeness this week. You’re welcome.

Here’s a little sneak peak at Willow Creek.



Of course if you want a bit more sex with your Sasquatch, you can always checck out Sweet Prudence.

Somehow we start talking about foreskin; 03:31 The Fappening; 10:36 Rock N Roll is dead; 19:56 Bobcat Goldthwait and Bigfoot; 24:32 Bigfoot trys to steal my chocolate; 24:57 back to Bigfoot

So we’re a couple of days late on this one, but I think it’s worth it.  This week, Kevin and I thought it’d be fun to talk about one of our obsessions, MMA.  There’s been a lot of buzz lately coming from the world of MMA so we thought, hey, let’s talk about it.  But instead of just the two of us chatting about it, we thought it might be a good idea to have someone who actually knew a thing or two about Mixed Martial Arts on the show.  So we called up our friend Dan Hornbuckle.  Dan is a professional Mixed Martial Artist.  That means he gets paid to punch people in a cage.  He also runs his own Martial Arts/Physical Fitness/Sports Instruction Academy, the American Top Team Warhawks.  We’ve known Dan for a few years now and have been fans of his even longer.  So we asked Dan for insight into PED (performance enhancing drugs) in the sport, his take on “The Scuffle” between UFC Champ Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel Cormier, and a bunch of other random stuff.

This episode is a bit longer than normal, and honestly, could have been twice as long because Dan is quite simply a cool dude. 


So we’re shuffling some things around with our schedule in order to get you this week’s podcast.  I know, it’s a bit unorthodox, but we’re really excited about this week’s podcast and guest.  How excited? Katy Perry at a water park excited.


katy-perry-bikini katy-perry-bikini-02

So, yeah. We’re excited. We won’t be talking about Katy Perry. We’re going to be talking MMA with our friend Dan Hornbuckle. If you don’t know who Dan is, check this out…

Yeah. So stay tuned, and pay attention. Episode 018 will be here Thursday.

So let me say I’m sorry right up front.  Not for the content of this podcast (although, after hearing it you might feel I owe you an apology at the very least) but rather for the fact it is a bit disjointed.  Halfway through our recording, I accidentally hit the stop button.  Then, when I fired the recording back up, I managed to record over the first few moments of the podcast.  Then I had to go back and figure it all out.  So for that, I’m sorry.  

This week has been a bit odd for both Kevin and myself, and I think this podcast shows that.  I kickstart things with a solid rant against the Child Pageant community, because frankly, I think they’re at the best, a complete waste of time, at the worst, exploitative.  We move on to Brazillian butts, weird findings on the sides of roads, an oily case of public nudity, and the Throat Punch of the Week.  (So my Throat Punch this week may offend some of you out there.  That’s fine.  I’m just putting out one possibility.  And I’m not the only one with that thought running around in my head, so, there ya go.)

I’ve also included a video for what could be an obscure reference near the end of the podcast.





01:17 It’s been a weird week;  04:59 Doug’s rant on Kid Pageants;  07:28 Random Kardashian rant;  08:25 for the first time ever the Kardashians lead to something good: The High Five of the Week;  11:11 Weirdest thing you’ve found on the side of the road;  13:07 Impromptu story time with Uncle Kev: Lost and Found edition;  16:25 a story of public nudity;  17:49 this is where I accidentally stop recording because I’m twitchy;  19:52 We like celebrity boobs;  20:55 Kevin comes up with a new jingle;  21:37 Throat Punch of the Week

So it’s been a while.  I’ve been out at Comic-Con International doing stuff.  And Kevin has been, well, I guess waiting for me to get back.  Regardless, we’re back, and making things happen.

This week we start off, almost out of the box with a completely random story from Kevin, because he has more than any one I know.  Then we go into the story of the Flight Attendent who told the passengers on the plane to flush their drugs.  This leads Kevin and I to discuss whether or not you should tell someone the truth or not.  Honestly, it’s probably the most intellectual coversation we’ve had on the podcast.  Of course we take it south from there with Ebola, Cannibus Lube, and a Throat Punch of the Week.  Of course Kevin has more random stories, so click it and dig it.



01:27 Kev’s Random Kojak Reference;  01:55 Kev’s Random Story Time Tales;  03:54 Flight Attendant Tells passengers to flush your drugs.  10:52 Kev and I talk about sharing the truth with someone; 16:13 Random homage to Yoga Pants;  16:50 Kickstarter Potato Salad;  21:53 We talk Ebola;  25:51 Pot Lube;  29:01 Throat Punch of the Week and Random Kev Story;

I’ll be honest, this may be my favorite podcast so far.  Normally, when Kevin and I sit down to do a podcast, we’ve talked about the things we want to cover, we bang out an outline and then we go from there.  We often stray from the script, but we usually end up covering everything we wanted to talk about.  This time we veer off course from the word go and don’t really bother to try and get it back on track… and I loved it.  This is basically Kev and I trading stories about this and that.  We tell stories about comedians and rock stars who were complete jerks to interview, and then we talk about the really cool ones.  We do manage to work in a game of “Would You Rather” and give out a Throat Punch of the Week.  Oh, we also throw in a High Five of the Week as well.  

So settle in and dig it.  And yes, there’s a reason those guys are lurking around in the background.



02:00 This is where the tangent  begins with Kev and Doug Swap Bobcat Goldthwait stories; 04:32 Kev’s comedy Jerk stories;  07:37 Doug’s Bitter Comedian Story;  9:25 Doug’s Dave Mustaine Story; 11:38 Kev has stories about comedians that are super cool; 13:29 Doug has a cool comedian story too which leads to Kev’s Tommy Chong Story;  17:42 Things we only pretend to like;  22:57 Kev asks Doug Would You Rather?;  28:03 Throat Punch/High Five of the Week

We’re back, and man is it weird.  Kev was out on injured reserve, and I’m fighing off some kind of viral upper resperatory infection type hocus pocus, (hence the picture), so you know… This may get a  bit loopy.


We go over some 4th of July leftovers.  Kevin teases a great story but leaves us waiting for the rest.  We talk throwing weenies down your throat, Hooters encounters (not that kind), celebrity cheating (which happens to have a Throat Punch of the Week) and some celebrity throwdowns.

We wrap things up this week with my game of This Or That with Reggie Watts from Comedy Bang Bang.  Super fun guy, and super cool as well.  Ok, that’s it.   Click on.


01:44 July 4th Stories:  Kev gets attacked by cute;  05:15 Random July 4th info;  07:18 Kev’s Dad Story about the 4th;  09:17 Kev teases a story we’ll have to wait til Memorial Day for;  10:24 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest;  12:58 Doug’s random MMA Story;  15:50 Jay Z Cheated on Beyonce which happens to be the Throat Punch of the Week;  18:18 Celebs Cheating W Tranny’s;  21:30 Demi Lavato VS Selina Gomez;  27:48 Wrap Up w Reggie Watts from Comedy Bang Bang 

This week, Kevin is out on injured reserve.  So I brought in some folks to help me out:  Ryan (the guy who came up with the Doughnut Dog) and our buddy, DJ Squish.  With Kevin gone, the three of us just hung out and played a new game, and kind of played another sort of game type thing.  We manage to get in a Throat Punch of the Week and all three of us have someone we want to punch.  So sit back and enjoy our fart sounds and weird fetishes.  You’re welcome.


01:34 Fart Board Challenge;  07:59 The Weird Turn on Game that really isn’t much of a game;  14:05 Random Coco Rant/praise;  15:58 Throat Punch of the Week


So here it is. Our first video, and our first food creation. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the results: Doughnut Dog. In last week’s podcast, our buddy Ryan came up with an idea for a new doughnut sandwich. A hot dog, inside a long john, wrapped in bacon, covered in pancake batter, and deep fried. So we thought, we should make this. And we did. Big thanks to our buddy Shane from Rosati’s Pizza in Urbana, Il for letting us use his kitchen to do this weird bit of food alchemy. For a first time through, we were pretty pleased with the results. We’re already thinking of ways to make it better, so we may be revisiting this pooch in the near, or not so near, future.

Anyway, here’s the video exploits of me and Kevin, Ryan and Shane building this beast. Dig it.

Welcome to Summer!  With that said, I feel the need to say the following.  But before I do, I want to say, I shouldn’t have to say what I’m about to say.  I feel like we’re all fairly rational adults and if you’re stopping by a website called This Podcast Sucks, you probably don’t want to have your kids listening to it without your hearing it first.  However, this is the internet, and people would rather blame me for not telling them we talk about nipples, porn, and other sex type things because heaven forbid you don’t put any limitations on your kids and what they watch/listen to on the internet.  But if you are listening, thanks!  Tell your friends!

WARNING:  This podcast is for adults, by adults… mostly.  There may be some offensive material ahead.  (Also, falling dildos ahead.) You’ve been warned.  I will just say this, we like it.  We talk about freeing the nipple, bathing Kevin, a new game called Porno or App, a Throat Punch of the Week, and some other randomness.  We also get going on a few tangents, usually sexual in nature.  So there’s that.  

Oh, and just to be clear, Rhiana makes no appearance in any way, shape, or form in this episode of the podcast.  (I just like the pic.)

Oh, here’s a little something we mention during the podcast. (Thanks DJ Squish for bringing it to our attention.)



This is a GIF from the original cgi short from YouTuber Logitech4873

02:20 Free The Nipple;  05:42 falling dildos;  07:39 What would you do with an extra hour in your day?;  11:37 things that can ruin a vacation;  14:50 Porno or Smart Phone App;  18:16 Throat Punch of the Week;  22:30 Tease the Doughnut