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Let me just say, wow.  This is one of the most random episodes we’ve done yet, and somehow, it’s already one of my favorites.  For the first time since starting, oh those many eleven episodes ago, we have a special guest.  Our buddy Ryan sits in with us to talk all kinds of random mish mash.  We talk about my weird relationship with my snooze alarm; Mila Kunis’ thoughts on childbirth; odd celebrity crushes; building a better donut sammich; one of the most offensive Throat Punches of the Week plus a Hearty High Five of You ‘Da Man; and Kevin apparently never went to a real Summer Camp.

So get with the clicky.  Stream it.  Download it.  Listen to it.  

(picture of Ryan used without permission… so, Ryan?  Can I use this pic?  K, thanks!)


02:03 Doug is dating his snooze alarm;  04:23 Mila Kunis on childbirth;  05:27 Ryan makes a Rip Taylor reference;  09:01 Guilty Pleasure Celebrity Crush Kind of Sort of;  11:43 We want to make a donut bun sammich;  17:50  Throat Punch and Hearty Congrats;  21:04 Signs you’re at a bad Summer Camp;  23:32 Random Story Time with Ryan

Hey!  We’re back!  Kevin was gone last week, and I just got back from vacation so we’re both here for thirty plus minutes of audio action.  This week, we recall Vacation Horror Stories!  (Bum, bum, buuuhhhhm!)  And let me tell ya, Kevin has some doozies.  (I mean really.  How many “Holy Crap! No Way!” stories can one guy have?  He’s like an encyclopedia of weird personal experiences.)  We also run down some places you may want to avoid on vacation, or not.  You could be a thrillseeker, I don’t know.  Plus a few horror stories of other folks.  I found a few travel tips for ya, plus another Throat Punch of the Week!  

So get in there and learn!


00:30 Welcome Back; 02:32 Dug’s tangent rant;  04:37 Dug’s Vacation Horror Stories;  09:55 Kevin’s Vacation Horror Stories;  19:42 Kev Random Story Time;  21:09 Countries you’re most likely to get kidnapped;  26:18 Mexico Vacation Horror Stories from the interwebs;  28:40 Travel Tips; 33:11 Throat Punch of the Week:  it’s a twofer!;  38:05 Dug asks a pertinent question;

Kevin is out this week, so I thought, instead of sitting in here and talking to myself for thirty some odd minutes, I’d bring in our first ever guest co-host.  Korey was kind enough, or bored enough, to stop by and fill the other mic this week.  We hit the ground running with something that Kevin is known for, random story time.  Then we transition into acting, since Korey just wrapped up filiming a major motion picture.  Then we play the Danny or Crispin Glover Game.  We do manage to offer up not one, not two, but three Throat Punches of the Week.  Then we talk condoms.  Not just any condom mind you, but the soon to be latest trend in pregnancy prevention, The Galactic Cap!  (Trust me, you’re going to want to hit the link and watch that video.  Priceless.  And yes, that’s the Galactic Cap photohopped (badly) on Korey’s head in the pic.)

So get to it.  


00:04 Hit the Ground Running.  Guest Co Host Korey’s random story time;  03:13 Three Wedding in Three Weeks;  05:39 Finally Introductions with Guest Co Host Korey and we come up with a new business for him;  07:35 Korey was in a movie;  12:26 Korey plays the game Danny Glover or Crispin Glover;  18:30 Throat Punch of the Week;  23:46 what movie do you think you should be cast in?;  26:48 The Galactic Cap and Korey Hates IndiGoGo;

This week’s episode comes off the heals of the big three day weekend known as Memorial Day.  In addition remembering those that have given their lives in service to our country, Memorial Day has come to encompass an unofficial start to Summer.  It’s a time to get outdoors, enjoy the weather, and start grilling.  So Kevin and I are talking grilling.  All kinds of grilling.  We also have some Summer activities for those of you who are adventurous.  Kevin uncorks some more random stories, one of which includes John Mellencamps brother so you know it’s going to be good.  And then Kev and I play a new game.  Also, I started a new diet.  I know.  Just hit the clicky play buttony thing.


I should probably mention that since it was an extra long weekend, this episode is extra long as well.  

02:32 My new diet;  06:01 Random Call Back to Rob Ford;  08:54: Grilling Stuff;  12:50 Things to Grill;  15:24 Random Story Time With Uncle Kev;  21:55 Things to do Naked; 29:20 Million Dollar Question;  34:00 Random Story Time With Uncle Kev Part 2;  37:58 Morgan Freeman on Helium;  39:24 Ending with the View

Ok, so that was a bit more than a “wee” delay. Sorry about that. Life happens. But Kevin and I are back to talk about music and sex, well, because we like those things. I also have some high lights of my interview with Nikki Benz, the Adult Entertainer who is running for Mayor of Toronto. She was actually really cool. Plus, we throw a different kind of Throat Punch out this week, and I play a new game with Kevin: Marry, Do, or Kill. You’ll get the idea. Anywho, there ya go. Get to clickinig and check out this weeks effort.


By the way, I’ll be posting my entire conversation with Nikki Benz later this week.

03:00 Kevin’s Music Tales; 5:36 Doug’s McDonalds Fun Land Story; 07:14 Rapping up the music stories with Alex Trebek; 09:23 Throat Punch of the Week w/ Special appearance by Coach Ron Zook; 12:06 tangent on Bellator MMA; 12:43 Men who cuddle Men; 15:51 Sex Myths; 17:03 Kevin’s tangent small wiener story; 18:55 Kevin plays Marry, Do, Kill; 23:36 High lights of my interview with Nikki Benz

So Kev and I are going to be delayed by a day (hopefully just a day) with this week’s podcast.  We’ve got a couple of things in the fire that we’re waiting on and they just won’t be ready in time.  So, to make up for it, here’s a cruise ship palying the opening bass line to Seven Nation Army.


You can thank the musically stylings of the MSC Magnifica. Apparently it was part of a Hamburg (I assume Germany, maybe not, I don’t know) harbor birthday. Regardless, it’s kind of cool.

It kind of reminds me of a Star Wars salute to the White Stripes. That, or I’ve taken way too much Nyquil*.

(*You should only take Nyquil, and any other over the counter or prescription medication, as per label instructions. Unless of course you think that medication printed label instructions are just one more way “The Man” is trying to control your life, actions, and thoughts. Because no one is going to tell you how to relieve your coughing, aching, stuffy head, and fever. Hell, you might have fought really hard to get all of those symptoms, and dang it, ain’t no high falutin’, suit wearin’, lawyer type is going to tell me what I have to take every 4 to 6 hours so I can get some much needed rest! Screw that! This is America! Which means I am free to do as I dang well please, regardless of how stupid it may appear to those around who may actually know a thing or two! It’s like those “free” flu vaccines. Sure, they’re all “this will help keep you from getting the flu this season”; “We’re just trying to keep you healthy”. You know what I say? Bullocks! Those “flu” shots are nothing more than a placebo filled with nanobots so the “Government” can monitor your location, your actions, and your thoughts. And once you’ve recieved enough of these “flu shots” eventually you will have enough nanobots in your system where the “Government” will be able to actually take over your person. You will be no more than the proverbial puppent on the strings of the “Government”! And that is how the Zombie Apocalypse starts!

But seriouisly, use Nyquil only as directed.)

Also, for your amusement, here’s a picture of my weird beard with some subtle highlights.




Welcome to our sixth episode of This Podcast Sucks.  Man, it feels like it was only seven weeks ago that we started this and here we are, seven weeks later and six episodes in.  Before we start, let me just say that I’m as appalled as anyone by how large my head is.  I mean look at that thing.  I swear my head is 40% larger than Kevin’s.  Kev said my head was so big I should put the podcast name on it… so there ya’ go Kevin.  I hope you’re happy.

Anyway, this week we talk about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and one of the people who wants to take his place.  Then we go into FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women Alive list, which I don’t neccessarily agree with.  And since Mother’s Day is coming up, we look at Hot Celebrity Moms.  We of course have a Throat Punch of the Week.  And we wrap up with part of my conversation with comedian Bill Engvall.  Before we get there though, Kevin has a great story about working with one of Bill Engvall’s Blue Collar Comedy buddies, Jeff Foxworthy.

So make with the clicky and enjoy.

Speaking of enjoy… It’s Nikki Benz… and us…



01:34 Rob Ford and the next Toronto Mayor;  06:50 FHM 100 Hottest Women;  10:32 Hot Celebrity Moms;  15:30 Throat Punch of the Week;  18:07 Throat Punch Runner Up;  19:30 Green Acres Movie?; 22:00 Kevin’s Jeff Foxworthy story;  24:17 Bill Engvall

Hey, we’re back!  It’s Episode 005: The Returning. (You know, because we were gone last week.)  The Holiday (Easter) happened and a few other things, but Kevin and I are back with what may be our best, or possibly, worst podcast so far.  I’m pretty sure I should appologize up front for 70% of this week’s content.  Things get a bit weird and there’s a lot of sexy time talk that may or not be considered sexy.  But hey, I’m no judge.  

This week we tackle the tough questions, like, are girl farts a turn on?  How many Peeps will fit in a toilet before your office manager gets upset?  What does that taste like?  What does Kevin like about the Illinois Marathon?  And believe it or not, there’s more.

So strap in and make with the clicky.  We’ve got Episode 005 to get to.


(Yeah, I know, I’ve used this pic before.  Get over it.  Besides, I think this one sums up pretty well the overall attitude of this week’s podcast.)

01:03 Kevin’s Peep Stories;  02:55 Strange Sex Turn Ons;  8:35 Doritos Jacked Taste Test;  15:23 Throat Punch of the Week;  19:06 Kev wraps up the Illinois Marathon in four words;  19:58 back to Throat Punching;  21:31 Douche Bag Rich Guy;  23:45 Tan Mom is a mess


Things get weird this week as Kevin and I delve into the paranormal!  (Duhn, duhn, DUUHHHHN!)  Seriously, though, Kevin and I both share an odd facination with the paranormal, so we thought we’d tackle that this week.  We’ve got some personal experiences, I’ve got some audio from some listeners, as well as two really good stories from Dustin Pari.  You might remember him from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.  I had the chance to talk with him last week about a bunch of stuff and these two stories were just too good not to share.  

We’ll also do our Celebrity Throat Punch of the Week, and do a quick flashback to last week and talk a little Late Show action.  But we start the whole shebang with a celebrity who says “Bye bye” to Twitter.

That’s it.  Let’s get ghosty.

(By the way, I’m half embarassed that at the 26:26 mark I didn’t make the “He slimed me” joke.  What was I thinking?)

2:43 Minnie Driver quits Twitter;  6:15 Ghost Stories;  8:17 Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International first encounter story;  12:15 Kevin’s ghost story;  15:46 Doug’s UFO Story;  17:51 Shadow People phone call;  20:07 Not so Paranormal phone call;  22:02 Not So Paranormal stories;  26:34 Throat Punch of the Week;  27:51 Flashback to Last week Colbert replaces Letterman



Wow.  Three Episodes.  I’m so proud.  I feel like a new Dad watching his son/daughter walk for the first time.  (Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to cry…)  Anywho, welcome to Episode 003.  Lots going on in this one.  Kevin and I take on the daunting task of figuring out who should replace David Letterman on The Late Show.  Honestly, I think Kevin has a spot on idea.  We then hear from someone who’s seen her share of late night talk shows as Kevin shares some of his interview with Joan Rivers.  We take a peak at Demi Lavato naked, Kevin uncorks a new feature, Kevin’s Pile of Weird, and then it’s time for Throat Punch of the Week.

And not to be outdone by Kevin’s celebrity interview, we end with a story from one of the biggetst names in the business.   That business is porn.  I got to talk to Ron Jeremy the other day and he had an awesome story of filming on a boat in Spain.

So go on, get to clickin’ and check out our third podcast.