The Victories #15 from Dark Horse Review

The Victories #15
Dark Horse
Words and Pictures
Michael Avon Oeming

 The Victories 15 Cover

What does it mean to be a superhero?  This may not be the question The Victories has asked us over the last 15 issues, but it seems to be the one that Michael Avon Oeming answers as he brings The Victories to a close. 

This has been one of my favorite superhero books since The Victories mini-series.  The heroes here are flawed, deeply, sometimes tragically flawed.  The character Faustus, who has struggled with his shortcomings since the first issue, is put on the spot and forced to make a huge choice that defines him as a hero.  His transformation throughout this series has been fascinating.  Oeming shows us the good and the bad inside not just Faustus, but all of his characters.  He takes all that inner angst, spreads it out before them and says, “Now what are you going to do”?  In doing so, Oeming has shown us what superheroes are made of.  It’s a pretty impressive feat. 

This is a damn fine comic, and I’m a little sad to see it end.  However, the “end” is completely open to a brand new chapter should Mr. Oeming ever decide to visit here again.


5 out of 5 Chimeras

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