Conan The Avenger #7 Review from @DarkHorse

Conan The Avenger #7
Dark Horse
Words: Fred Van Lente
Pictures: Brian Ching

Conan Avenger 7 Cover

Stark. Brutal. Noble. Cunning.  These are a few of the shades of Conan you get to see in this tale from Fred Van Lente and Brian Ching. 

Like a lot of people, I’ve been a fan of Conan since I was a kid.  And the thing about Conan that keeps me coming back, is that he’s more than a one trick pony.  When I was a kid, I really liked that fact that no one could beat the guy.  He was the biggest, the strongest, the fastest there was.  But over the years I’ve grown to see and appreciate there’s more to Conan than just a strong sword arm.  Fred Van Lente gives you a peek inside the brooding giants inner workings with this one issue.  You get to see a very practical, yet brutal Conan right at the start.  You get to see the leader of men that Conan inherently was.  You get to see the shrewd Conan when he decides not to hurl himself headlong into a battle he probably couldn’t win.  Of course you get to see the strong arm Conan who responds with steel as quickly as with words.  This is a solid Conan story and a really good jumping on point for those new to Conan The Avenger.

I can’t say enough about the art of Brian Ching.  I really like his take on the legendary Cimmerian, but I think I like his take on some of the other characters even more.  When the masked Ligureans make their appearance, they are just plain cool as hell in a completely creepy sort of way.  And his action scenes are appropriately violent.

Get this one and dig in.

4 out of 5 Hidden Treasure Hordes

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