Aliens Fire and Stone #1 from #DarkHorse

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1
Dark Horse
Words:  Chris Roberson
Pictures:  Patric Reynolds

Aliens Fire and Stone 1 Cover

I love me some Alien action.  Not gonna lie.  But for some reason I never ventured past the movies.  Well now Chris Roberson and Patric Reynolds are bringing us a new chapter to the Alien universe with Fire and Stone.  And yes, this will tie in with the other Fire and Stone titles from Dark Horse; Aliens, Predator, Alien vs Predator, and Prometheus.

So, chronologically, Aliens: Fire and Stone takes place after the movie Prometheus and before Alien, but also before the comic Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1.  Confused?  Me too, a bit.  Just pick it up and read it.  If you’ve read Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 (out last week) then there will be some very familiar threads weaving through this issue.  As a matter of fact, if you’ve seen any of the Alien movies, then there will be some very familiar threads weaving through here, and that’s cool.  You’ve got a mining team hauling ass away from the threat of Aliens coming after them.   Roberson and Reynolds give us some familiar beats that should get your toe tapping to some Alien rhythms while introducing us to some new characters.  That same sense of dread and desperation that was so prevalent in the movies starts to work its way in to this tale.  The violence, frustration and sense of betrayal are all here.  But it’s still works as new and different while remaining solidly in the world of Alien.

I have to say Patric Reynolds art is humming along at a solid 10 on this one.  (I know, I only use a 5 point rating system but seriously, this is working.)  It’s active, dark and awesome.  The Aliens are fast and deadly, and the people are emotive and real.  Russell kind of steals the show for me; he’s cool, a leader, and art wise just consistently real.  I know that may sound odd, I’m supposed to be a communicator (seriously, it’s what I do for a living) but Russell has some of the most realistic and believable expressions throughout this entire issue.  Everyone else looks great too (I know I just sounded like a husband caught by his wife telling another woman that she looks nice… “You do too honey.  Really.  I love that outfit.  It’s the new one right?  You look… wow, just amazing… We should probably go.  Reservations are for 7:00 so… yeah.  Love you.) but the whole book has a cool look to it.  Nicely done Mr. Reynolds.

If you’re an Alien fan, then this is probably on your radar already.  If you’re a Sci-Fi, this should be on your radar.  If you’re a fan of Predator, AVP,  or Prometheus, then the entire Fire and Stone crossover should be on your radar.

I just realized, in case I haven’t said so yet, there’s plenty of Alien on human violence in this issue.  So if that’s your bag, if you like seeing those giant, nearly unstoppable, totally alien Aliens wreak havoc on the soft fleshy astro-miners, well, you’re in luck.  That happens too.




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