Black Market #2 from Boom! Studios Review

Black Market #2
Boom! Studios
Words: Frank J. Barbiere
Pictures:  Victor Santos


I’m not going to lie, I jumped into this book for two reasons… ok three reasons.  1) I liked the name, Black Market: 2) Frank J. Barbiere: 3) Victor Santos.  I didn’t even know the first thing about this book, but the creators alone were enough to draw me in, and I’m glad I gave it a read.

It seems that recently, a lot of folks are attempting to put out a comic that gives a “brand new take on Superheroes”.  Well, that’s just what Frank J. Barbiere does with Black Market.  Supers are in this book and in a way they are the core of the story, but they aren’t the focus.  Instead, you get a detailed look at a man, just your ordinary guy, trying to have a life with his wife.  Of course, it’s not that easy.  There’s tension, not between them, but at work (ain’t it always the way?), and with family (again, ain’t it?).  And through his desire to “do the right thing” we see him make choices that he’s not entirely comfortable with but doesn’t have the will or desire to stop.  That might have something to do with the fact that he’s capturing Supers to harvest their DNA, but you know, everybody’s job has it’s challenges.

Why Black Market Rocks:  This really is a cool Supers story where the main character doesn’t have any powers.  Plus, I dig Frank J. Barbiere.  And the art of Victor Santos brings a hipness to this story that makes it that much easier to buy into.  (Plus, cool name… Black Market.)

4 out of 5 Fat Stacks of Cash

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