Butterfly #2 Review from @Archaia

Butterfly #2
Story: Arash Amel
Words: Marguerite Bennett
Pictures: Antonio Fuso


Families and spy stories are both complicated.  They are both built with layer after layer of experience and adventure, of tragedy and secrets.  They’re at once hard to pin down and define, yet when you get a snapshot of one it’s easy to recognize them for what they are.  That’s what makes Butterfly work so well.  It’s a spy story about family, and you know what they say about families: they all have their secrets.

We got one of the biggest secrets last issue when we found out Butterfly’s dad isn’t as dead as she thought he was.  And now, that discovery has put them both in danger.  But not just the two of them, but her Dads new family.  Oh, yeah, he’s got a new wife and son, so like I said, layer upon layer.  And the more of Dad’s layers we uncover, the more we realize, that there are many more to come.  Old Daddy Nightingale has quite the past, and it’s coming back to haunt him and his daughter.

This is such a solid book.  I’m digging the art from Antonio Fuso.  The slightly blocky lines add a starkness and seriousness that compliment this tale.  And the switching tale from daughter to father is really well done.  While we see Butterfly and her side in a very linear manner, Dad’s story is told in flashbacks and backwards.  Layers man, layers.

All I can say, is keep it coming.  You can clearly see plenty of opportunity for more Butterfly stories, and even stories of Daddy Nightingale.  Get your spy game on and pick this up.

4 out of 5 Awkward Family Moments

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