Dark Ages #2 Review #DarkHorse

Dark Ages #2
Dark Horse
Words: Dan Abnett
Pictures: I.N.J. Culbard

Dark Ages 2 Cover

Aliens, demons, knights, silent monks, crazy monks and whispering walls.  This book just keeps pounding away at my Nerd G spot.  (Is that weird to say?  It is isn’t it?  I’m sorry.  But seriously, I dig all these things so I’ll stand by my analogy.)  I love how in this issue, the mystery deepens even as we get more answers. 

We learn why the monks have taken their vow of silence and why the only monk who talks, Edwin, is a bit off his nut.  We see the stress of the situation start to form cracks in the ranks as Lucifer, or Galvin as it were, and his troops try to defend themselves and the monks from whatever it is that is coming for them, and come for them they do.  There is a pretty chaotic fight scene where the knights take on the multi-faced, horned-headed alien/demons, the flying demons, and the big mouthed whatever the hell they are demons… they also have to fight their own risen dead.  Not pretty.  

With all this cool action going on, there’s still plenty of character story happening.  Lucifer is struggling to deal with his leadership without having a good grasp on what’s going on.  And the youngest member of the knights, Martlet, is clearly freaking out and seems ready to bolt.  But he’s ultimately the one to lead Lucifer to Edwin and possibly some answers.  Dan Abnett has me hooked. 

4.5 out of 5 Whispering Walls

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