Dark Ages #3 Review from #DarkHorse

Dark Ages #3
Dark Horse Comics
Words: Dan Abnett
Pictures: I. N. J. Culbard

Dark Ages 3 Cover

Answers and more questions, that’s what we get here in issue three.  Well, that and just a bottom line awesome sci-fi knight’s tale.  I dig this book hard.

Galvin called Lucifer comes face to face with the voice behind the whispers in the monastery, and it’s not exactly what he was expecting.  Sure, he was expecting the long dead corpse of a possibly crazed and maybe possessed traveler who was somehow managing to continue to speak after all these years…, but what he found was even more confounding to his sensibilities.  What Galvin called Lucifer found was a sentient, talking metal face/helmet/head thingee that’s been on Earth for ages trying to warn Humanity of a coming doom.  It’s like Dan Abnett has taken a very cool Knights Templar story (or the like) and mixed it vigorously with an episode of Ancient Aliens.  Sound familiar?  Mr. Abnett has gotten his peanut butter sci-fi all covered in his chocolate religious history and it makes for a wonderfully satisfying (and delicious) snack.  A being of great power from the beyond has come to impart to us some critical knowledge.  And now, their fallen leader Hawkherst has risen from the edge of death thanks to our nanotech wielding new robot face friend, and he’s poised to save the day.

The parallels to Jesus (or any religious figure trying to spread their faith for that matter) are obvious and well played here.  Dan Abnett shows the power of both faith and fear and how difficult both are to fight, even if your weapon is the truth.  And all of this is wrapped up in a very cool story package that happens to look great, thanks to I. N. J. Culbard.

Solid action + cool premise + sci-fi goodness + and kinghts in armor =  Nerdvana for this guy.

4.5 out of 5 Whispers in the Dark


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