Deep State #2 Review from @boomstudios

Deep State #2
Boom! Studios
Words:  Justin Jordan
Pictures:  Ariela Kristantina


Well, as good ‘ol JR would say, “Business is about to pick up”, because when it comes to freaky weird Russian Space Ghost Possessed Folks, we get ‘em by the bucket load in this one.

In Deep State #1, we laid a lot of ground work for what’s happening and will happen in this series.  In issue #2, we dive right into the center of Lake WTF?  When you get a bleedy eyed young lady with I don’t know what growing out of her back (Are those chair legs?  Seriously, what the hell is that growing out of her?  Spines?  Furniture?  I don’t know but it’s creepy as all get out.) stumbling around and getting all screechy right up front, that’s a start with some powerful weird right there.  And it just gets stranger from there.

Things have escalated quickly for Harrow and Ms. Branch, what with the package they were sent to retrieve having gone missing and all.  (See last months review, or just know this… Russian Space Ghost.)  I don’t know what the hell our friend the Russian Space Ghost (RSG) is up to, but it involves bleedy eyed towns folk building some kind of mechanized tower.  And yes, all of the bleedy eyed RSG Zomboids have those weird spikey furniture legs growing out of their backs. 

Again, Ariela brings it hard with the art this month.  So good.  The reveal outside the Sheriffs office is absolutely awesome.  Bonus points to Ariela for the extremely creepy half skinned, crucified due in the shed.  Dayum.  And Justin is just throwing us into this story head first, letting the current take us where it will, and I dig it, a bunch.

4.5 out of 5 Bleedy Eyes

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