Evil Empire #5 Review from #BoomStudios

Evil Empire #5
Boom! Studios
Words: Max Bemis
Pictures: Joe Eisma


This is a twisted pile of violent goodness.  Max Bemis and artist Joe Eisma throw us a one shot, stand alone issue to give us the lay of the land in the Evil Empire.  And it’s, as you can imagine pretty messed up.

It has to be weird enough for normal everyday folks like you and me to deal with the reality that is Evil Empire.  But what’s it like for a serial killer?  That’s a great question, Max Bemis, I’m glad you asked.  And I’m even gladder (more glad?  much gladlier? Having a greater amount of gladness within me? Pretty stoked?) that you answered it, Mr. Bemis.  For our serial killer, Ace, it wasn’t fun.  Max looks at the role serial killers fill in our society, and then changes society to see what would happen to the serial killer.  It’s a pretty cool premise.  Max also spends a good deal of time delving into the mind of our serial killer Ace, and in one very revealing scene, gives us some insight into what he thinks serial killers are all about.  And he just so happens to give us one of the best lines I’ve read in comics in a long time while doing it.  If I may quote Ace:

“Feast upon the wrath of my murder dicks.”

I mean, that’s just, wow.   I laughed a lot at that.  I loved it.  It was just so, man!  I can just imagine the conversation Joe Eisma had with Max when he got the script.

Joe: So let me get this straight, he unzips his pants and his penis is holding a knife?

Max:  Yep.  Well, the first penis.

Joe:  First penis?

Max:  Yeah, he has Murder Dicks, plural.  So in the next frame all three are out.

Joe:  Three dicks?

Max:  Yeah, three murder dicks…

Joe:  And they’re each holding weapons?

Max:  Yeah, again, they’re murder dicks.  They won’t be holding greeting cards, candy and puppies.

I’m pretty sure I nailed that conversation.  That page alone makes picking this issue up totally worth it.  Plus, Max has helpfully included an illustrated guide on Ace’s techniques for hunting and killing an innocent victim.

Yeah, there are some fun, ridiculous scenes in here, but there’s still a serious look at our society that with just a bit of a nudge, could end up being an Evil Empire.

Still totally digging this book.

4 out of 5 Murder Dicks (You knew that was happening, right?)

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