Hexed #1 from Boom! Studios Review

Hexed #1
BOOM! Studios
Words: Michael Alan Nelson
Art: Dan Mora
Colors: Gabriel Cassata
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Cover A

Cover A

For what started as a nifty little smash and grab by a cute and quip quoting spell slinging young lady, quickly spun into a maelstrom of dark magic mayhem.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book (being as I had done zero research into it, I just thought the name Hexed sounded like something I’d be into) but what I got was darkly yet pleasantly satisfying. From the title, you know there’s going to be magic, and there is. And it’s not very subtle either. The main character, Lucifer (yes, the cute, quip quoting young lady) throws a giant magical snake out on page three. And from there, creator and author Michael Alan Nelson throws it into high gear.

This first issue sets up our main players rather nicely without tipping their hands very far. With solid art from Dann Mora, a fast but not break neck pace, and I’m pretty hooked on Hexed at this point.

4 out of 5 Mystic Sigils



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