Resurrectionists #1 Review from #DarkHorse

Resurrectionists #1
Dark Horse
Words: Fred Van Lente
Pictures:  Maurizio Rosenzweig
Colors: Moreno Dinisio

Resurrectionists 1 Cover

So let me get this straight:  We’ve got thieves, covert organizations, and people who can channel their skills from their past lives into today?  Go on…

Let me start by saying I really dig the art in this book.  Not just the pencils, but the colors as well.  It’s just so lush, rich and decadent.  Like a full pad of butter on warm toast, you just know it’s right when you see it.  The flashbacks to Egypt are especially warm and vibrant, they practically glow.  When you have a story that deals with something as cool and intriguing as past lives and channeling those past lives, then your visual component better stack up.  Hats off to both Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio for such a gorgeous book.

Hats off as well to Fred Van Lente.  (How many hats am I wearing?  I mean what is that, three now?  I’m not wearing three hats.  Three socks, sure, but it just sounds plain silly to say “Socks off to you sir!”  At least in my opinion.)  I’ve been on an espionage kick lately, and while this isn’t a spy story exactly, there’s enough thievery and sneaker (word? Why yes, yes that is a word) to scratch that itch.  And I’m always down for some paranormal action.  And the whole being able to not only remember past lives, but channel those memories and skills, that’s awesome.  Who wouldn’t want that?  I’m sure everyone has at some time or another wondered if they have experienced more than one life, and if so, what that life was.  Comics, or any story medium for that matter, that make you go, “Man, I wish I could do that”, are getting the job done right.

Mr. Van Lente gives us a nice blend of action, paranormalness (again, it’s a word), and personal drama in this first issue.  I’m down with seeing where he’ll take us next.

Oh, by the way.  Thanks to both Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio for the highly disturbing infant-womb-naked-mom vision near the end of this issue.  That was… wow. 

3.5 out of 5 Drafty Temples

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