Sirens #1 Review from #BoomStudios

Sirens #1
Boom! Studios
Words and Pictures:
George Perez


I think I first became aware of George Perez on his run Teen Titans.  I dug his work then.  I dig his work now.  Admittedly, I went into this issue knowing next to nothing about Sirens, other than it was George’s baby.  I mean, it’s George Perez writing and drawing an original story.  I’m in.

Issue #1 delivers nicely on the concept: an all-female team of intergalactic heroes who kick major ass are needed to save the day.  Of course it can’t be as simple as shouting “Sirens Salute!” or some such.  Nope.  First we have to gather the Sirens who happen to be scattered not only across space, but across time as well.  Oh, and they don’t exactly remember who they are.  There’s also big dragon. 

So who, or what, exactly are the Sirens.  They are a group/team of ladies that are legendary for their heroics and bad assness.  I got a bit of a Star Slammers vibe from these women.  (On a side note, I really liked Star Slammers.  Ah, memories.  Any who….) Each one of these ladies is more than enough to handle most situations on their own, in spite of the odds.  But clearly, there is something dire afoot because they are all needed.  And at the end, they were all facing down yet another bad ass woman who clearly wasn’t a fan of the Sirens.  How do I know this woman was a bad ass? Because one eye was glowing red.  Duh. 

Face it, this is going to be a fun, six issue romp with some solid sci-fi action, time hopping mayhem, and a team of strong ladies making it happen. 


3.75 out of 5 Siren Songs

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