Sleepy Hollow #2 Review from #BoomStudios

Sleepy Hollow #2 (of 4)
Boom! Studios
Words: Marguerite Bennett
Pictures:  Jorge Coelho


Maybe it’s the freshly fallen snow outside my window, but I really appreciate the entire esthetic of this issue.  The whole thing just has a cool gothic feel to it and I really dig that.

There’s a certain feeling you get when you read an old school ghost story.  There’s a sense of wonder with a dash of belief as well when you hear a tale from Colonial America.  I get a sense of weight, of legitimacy when I read such tales.  That’s the feeling I got when I read this issue.  There’s a familiarity and a sense of nostalgia.  Marguerite Bennett is nicely melding the gothic feel of Ichabod Crane with a modern sensibility of today that plays well together.  I especially like how our body snatching bad guy, Colin Van Bilj, really feels very much like a gothic ghost story come to life. 

And no, I still haven’t watched Sleepy Hollow the TV show.  But for me, it doesn’t matter.  Especially with this issue.  I felt much more connected to the characters in this second issue than I did in the first.  Where in the first issue I felt a bit lost with some of the references, this one went down very smoothly. 

4 out of 5 Music Boxes

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