Sundowners #1 Review from Dark Horse Comics

Sundowners #1
Dark Horse Comics
Words: Tim Seeley
Pictures: Jim Terry
Colors: Sean Dove

Sundowners 1 Cover

They say you have to be crazy to put on a costume and fight crime.  Who’s “They”?  It doesn’t matter, trust me, They say it.  Writer Tim Seeley says, “Wait a minute… What if they are?  Crazy that is?” (Ok that’s not an actual quote from Tim Seeley, it’s more a rhetorical set up using an assumed quote for the purposes of this review.  Play along.)

Our main character, David Shrejic, is a former counselor/psycologoist/psychiatrist who is getting his feet wet in the Helping Others pool, by starting a support group for these self-appointed vigilantes.  But are they really crazy?  They clearly think something is amiss otherwise they wouldn’t be at this meeting.  I mean, sure, they’re a little “off”, maybe a little paranoid, maybe they’re rationalizing their behavior, but crazy?  That’s solid question.  And this is a solid first step into what promises to be a very different look at superheroes.  Tim and Jim give us a nice introductory glance at our heroes with each one getting some time to shine, just like in therapy.  But it’s not all psychobabble, the cliffhanger ending is enough to keep me coming back for issue #2.

3.5 out of 5 Affirmations


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