Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #11 Review from #DarkHorse

Terminator: Salvation: The Final Battle #11
Dark Horse
Words: J. Michael Straczynski
Pictures:  Pete Woods

Terninator Salvation TFB 11 Cover

 Jumping in on a 12 issue mini-series at issue 11 may not be the brightest thing in the world, but hot damn, I’m pretty happy I jumped in when I did.

Clearly, I’m not going to be able to give you a ton of background on this, but I don’t think I need.  Things are damn near over for the Humans.  So John Connor has taken what must be seen as the final step into madness, or genius or both… because his brain is now in a Terminator.  I’ll let that sink in.  If that doesn’t make you want to buy this issue and then scoop up the previous ten while you wait impatiently for the final chapter to arrive next month, well then I just can’t help you sir and or madam.

I know, I’m missing a ton of context, but I have to give it up to Mr. Straczynski and Mr.Woods for dragging me in with the 11th issue.  I almost didn’t read this one.  I figured, I’m so far behind… I won’t know what’s going on… I won’t know half the characters.  But the art was solid and I trust J. Michael Straczynski, so I picked it up and read it.  And you know what?  None of that mattered to me once I got a few pages in.  Bring on issue #12… and the first 10 of course.  (I have some catching up to do.)

3.5 out of 5 Naked Arnold Butts

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