The Ghost Fleet #3 Review from @darkhorse

The Ghost Fleet #3
Dark Horse
Words:  Donny Cates
Pictures:  Daniel Warren Johnson

 Ghost Fleet 3 cover

I’m not sure there’s another book I’m reading right not that is more “rock” than The Ghost Fleet.  When you crack the front cover, it’s like turning on a Marshal stack; you can feel the hum and you know this is going to make some noise.

Remember when you first heard Living Colour’s Vivid album?  Vernon Reid’s guitar attacked your senses with a chaotic yet melodic cacophony that at once excited you and set you on edge.  And even though it was a bit muddy at times, and even sloppy, Mr. Reid’s sound was always grounded with a very rock/funk backbone that was instantly memorable and infectious.  That’s what Daniel Warren Johnson’s art is like in The Ghost Fleet.  It’s a little messy and rough around the edges, but that’s what makes it feel fresh and solid.  And it, too, is rooted in a very rock/funk sensibility that sends your imagination soaring.

And of course, Corey Glover belted out lyrics with a smooth rock voice that was powered by anger, force, and plenty of soul.  So too is Donny Cates’ story and words.  Donny takes the lead vocals seriously by blending conspiracy theory, secret cabals, paranormal what the effery, betrayal, vengeance, and all out action together.  This is book, The Ghost Fleet, is what I mean when I talk about Rockin’ Comics.  This one goes to 11.

4.75 out of 5 Funny Vibes


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