The Last Broadcast #4 from Archaia Review

The Last Broadcast #4
Archaia/Boom! Studios
Words: Andre Sirangelo
Pictures: Gabriel Iumazark


Comics are a lot of things.  Flights of fancy; tales of the fantastic; escapes from the mundane.  But what all comics have in common is the medium of Story and Art.  It’s this combination that is so appealing about this form of storytelling.  The Last Broadcast is a fabulous example of story and art coming together to become greater than its individual parts.

Andre Sirangelo throws a bunch of cool concepts that trip my triggers: secret societies; magic; urban exploration; paranormal artifacts; conspiracy theories; shadowy figures; mysterious ladies; famous magicians; and a solid mystery. And Gabriel Iumazak has a rough, free flowing art style that is at once reminiscent of quick pencil sketches and yet maintain a fluidness that keeps your eye visually engaged as your mind is mentally engaged in the storytelling.  This is good stuff.  If you’re going to get this book, and I highly suggest you do, make sure you grab the first three as well.  You won’t want to miss any of this story.

Why The Last Broadcast Rocks: A solid mystery just dripping with secrets and stylish art that fits perfectly with the words on the page.  Plus I just love the idea of secret/forgotten places located right under our feet.

5 out of 5  Spirit Boxes


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