The Woods #5 from Boom! Studios Review

The Woods #5
Boom! Studios
Words: James Tynion IV
Pictures: Michael Dialynas


Mash-ups are kind of my jam.  And The Woods is a wonderful mash-up of genres that works really well together.  There’s a little Lord of the Flies with some Dungeons and Dragons with hints of The Breakfast Club with a hint of Star Gate.  Plus, this issue acts as a decent jumping on point, with enough flashbacks to fill in some gaps for newbies, but also ads new info for folks who have been on board since issue #1. 

We see the relationship between our three main heroines (Karen, Maria and Sanami) become clearer through the flashbacks.  We see Adrian continue to be mysterious and creepy and talk to giant glowing rocks.  Our mysterious DnD party type folks are still just as mysterious, though we know they answer to The Duke, whoever that may be.  The creatures, while not as rampant as previous issues, are still just as threatening, and Doctor Robot continues to be very Doctor Roboty.  There’s not quite as much action as we’ve seen before, but everything continues to move forward, even through the flashbacks.

James Tynion IV has crafted every teenagers fantasy/nightmare: I wish I was a world away from where I’m at/I’ve got my entire high school including faculty with me in what could be my last days alive.  His characters play their parts very well.  Your typical cliques are in place here, as well as your stand out students; the brain, the athlete; the basket case; the princess; they’re all there plus a few others.  Michael Dilynas has laid down some amazing art that is appropriately fantastic when it needs to be, and subtle when called for.  The Woods is tense and relatable while still fantastic and fun… a bit of dark fun, but still fun none the less.  Pick this one up.  If you dig it, and you should, then grab the first four.  It will be well worth your time to catch up on what’s come before between now and the next issue.

3.5 out of 5 Doctor Robots

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