The Woods #7 Review from #BoomStudios

The Woods #7
Boom! Studios
Words:  James Tynion IV
Pictures:  Micahel Dialynas


James Tynion IV has brewed up a heady tale with The Woods.  It’s like a well-crafted beer, where each issue, each taste, reveals a bit more character, and complexity and substance to what was already an intriguing blend.  And each taste leaves you wanting more.

The balance between WTF Chaotic Action and deeply personal character story is nearly perfect once again in this issue.  It’s like taking an in your face IPA and blending it with a stand out Porter and making it work together.  That’s what’s going on here.  I so dig how each character gets their moment to shine in The Woods.  Hell, they get an entire issue, which is fabulous.  This time, it’s Bens’ time in the spotlight.  Our quiet, hulking young man shows his friend Isaac, and himself, what he’s really made of, and it’s quite strong stuff indeed.  As a matter of fact, our Ben kicks some major ass in this issue.  Well done sir.

The action of what’s happening now on the alien planet and the flashbacks to Earth are also extremely well blended.  A big shout out to not just Michael Dialynas for his kick ass pencils, but also to color artist Josan Gonzalez, for bringing a different feel to the whacked out world of giant green four eyed tiger bears and the much more familiar world of high school.  This is so much more than a “Teens end up in a strange new place and have the adventure of a lifetime” story.  (Although, I’m guessing, if they all make it out of The Woods, then this will indeed be the adventure of a lifetime for all of these teens, but that’s beside the point.  Or at least adjacent to the point.  Anyway…) 

And the planet is a weapon?  That’s just plain cool.  If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to take a step into The Woods.  (Too much?  That was too much wasn’t it? Sorry…. I should have stuck with my beer analogy and said “Drink deep of The Woods” or “Tap into this tale.”  or some such beery turn of a phrase.  Just read it.  It’s cool.)

4.5 out of 5 Tiger Bear Ales

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