Veil #5 Review from #DarkHorse

Veil #5
Dark Horse
Words: Greg Rucka
Pictures: Toni Fejzula

Veil 5 Cover

This is not unlike a teenage coming of age story, but in this case, the teenager is a demon, so I guess it’s a bit different.

Veil, or Vey’el, is a demon who is trying like hell (ha!  I didn’t even mean that one.) to just be herself, whoever that may be.  There’s a bit of a catch though, she’s bound to a dude who has a bunch of bad intentions.  Lucky for Veil she still has some friends willing to stick up for her and look after her.  Ok, it’s more like just one friend, Dante, but seriously, when push comes to shove, you really only need one true friend.  And let’s not forget our little satanic rat that has a vested interest in our little Veil.  Dante just wants to help his friend; Veil just wants to break her very literal chains of bondage; and devil rat, well, his motives are a bit more obscure.

I still stand by my statement that this plays out very much like a coming of age story.  It’s just that here the stakes seem to be a bit higher than whether or not the cutest jock on the football team will ask our precious young Veil to the Prom.

Yes I know, Veil is a demon, but you just can’t help but root for her.  And that is a credit to Greg Rucka for crating this tale so well.  And Toni Fejzula has been consistently outstanding with his art throughout.  Plus, a tip of the hat goes to Aljosa Tomic on the colors in this book, which are trippy and perfect.  This book doesn’t look like any other book out there, yet it manages to look just right for this story.  This is good work and I can’t wait to see more.  Especially after what we see in the last panel;  Just what does she think she’s doing anyway?

3.70 out of 5 Dancing Rats

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