Witchfinder 3 from Dark Horse Review

Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #3
Dark Horse
Words: Kim Newman and Maura McHugh
Pictures: Tyler Cook
Colors: Dave Stewart

Witchfinder MOU 3 Cover

Our hero, Sir Edward Grey, the Witchfinder, is now neck deep in the mysteries of Unland. In what started out as a murder investigation he felt was a bit beneath his skill set, Edward has found himself a bit too much in his element on this one. Newman and McHugh have developed, at least in my head, a very HP Lovecraftian tale reminiscent of Dagon.

You’ve got a little town, likes to keep to itself, strange sea creatures that apparently want Sir Edward Grey dead, a dirty town secret, and some fish dudes. (So in this case, they’re more like eels, but still). I’ve been really enjoying Edwards aloofness towards the local constabulary during this case. The balance of a little bit of humor, Edwards attitude, and the flat out strangeness of Unland is a combination that is not unlike baby bears porridge or a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup: Just Right and a great combo. (I don’t do analogies well… clearly). Plus Tyler Cooks art coveys the varied emotions of not just Edward but the entire cast, as well as the creepiness and horrific aspects of the eel creatures. (I was going to call them the “bad guys” but I didn’t want it to affect your opinion of the book.)
Why Witchfinder Rocks: You’ve got a self confident detective, a murder mystery, bumbling local police, mysterious town folk, and creepy eel dudes.
3 out of 5 Calamari

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