Witchfinder #4 Review from #DarkHorse

Sir Edward Grey Witchfinder
The Mysteries of Unland #4
Dark Horse
Words: Kim Newman & Maura McHugh
Pictures: Tyler Crook

Witchfinder 4 cover

Maybe it’s the onset of cooler weather here; maybe it’s the promise of October looming closer meaning Halloween is just around the bend; or it could be that this story is just flat out filled with creepy goodness, but I’m really digging this story. 

This issue really evokes the feeling of those old, almost forgotten stories told around a campfire, or told by your grandmother of monsters under the bed (or in this case, in the swamp).  And of course, the more you hear, the more you think, “This can’t possibly be true… Can it?”  I get a comfortably creepy feeling reading this issue.  Kim Newman and Maura McHugh have done a fantastic job of luring you (or more precisely, me) deeper into the muck. 

As we get to follow Sir Edward deeper into the swamps and deeper into the mystery, we also get a look back to the past and see how some of this trouble began.  It’s those looks back that remind me I have to  give a shout out to the art team of Tyler Crook and colorist Dave Stewart.  The flash back scenes have a flatter, almost washed out feel, as if we’re looking in on a memory.  And the current scenes are more vibrant and full.  Like the fight between Sir Edward and Constable Lawless (great name by the way) and his little eel buddies.  It’s fast, and violent, and dark and dangerous.  While the scenes in the cottage with Ada Morse are warmer, more inviting.  Great stuff all the way around.

This is a great, spooky tale, and I’m a bit sad it ends with the next issue.  So grab this one now. 


4.5 out of 5 Dancing Eels

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