X #17 Review #DarkHorse

X #17
Dark Horse
Words: Duane Swierczynski
Pictures: Eric Nguyen

X 17 cover

Violent, brutal, and slightly disturbing.  That’s what X #17 is.  Hell, that’s the entire run of X so far.  But man, there’s just something appealing about this ultra violent vigilante that I just can’t quite get enough of.  This issue makes a pretty good jumping on point for X.  (You can tell by the banner at the top of the cover that says “Starting Point For New Readers”). 

Leigh puts X on the trail of some very vicious dudes, who happen to wear bizzaro pig face masks that may, or may not, be made from the flesh of other people.  Ya’ see, these guys like to kidnap folks and then take their skin.  The action is violent, and brutal, but not near as bloody as you might think.  But that’s only because these weirdo pig faced dudes don’t seem to bleed, or feel pain, or go down easily at all.  (There must be something in the water of Arcadia.)  Eric Nguyen continues to draw some beautifully violent pages that are truly cringe worthy, and that’s a good thing.  Also, there’s a nice little call back to the very first story arc of X, so if you been reading since Issue #1 you’ll be like me and go, “Hey, isn’t that…?”  (Hint: yep, it is.)  Oh, and Leigh plays a prostitute.  It’s all in the name of justice.

4.0 out of 5 Little Piggys

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