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Burning Fields #4
Boom! Studios
Words:  Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
Pictures:  Colin Lorimer




Do you ever have those feelings, those little tremors of premonition that say, “This is going to be good”?  Like the first time you heard that power chord hit on Ronnie James Dio’s Rainbow In The Dark.  You knew Dio was going to slay it vocally, but then that power chord hits, those keys kick in, and it’s on.  You know this is going to rock out loud.  That’s the feeling I got when I read the first page of Burning Fields #4.


Hexed #9
Boom! Studios
Words:  Michael Alan Nelson
Pictures:  Dan Mora


My review of Hexed #9 wherein I realize it’s totally ok for me to like Ace Frehley singing lead on Shock Me instead of Gene or Paul.  (Stick with me as I’m pretty sure this analogy makes sense.  It’s better than my original one which I may or may not share after this review.)


Curb Stomp #1
Boom! Studios
Words: Ryan Ferrier
Pictures:  Devaki Neogi


Take Gem and the Holograms, replace their instruments with baseball bats, knives, and brass knucks, and put them on the wrong side of the tracks, throw in some attitude from The Warriors, and mix it up with a neo classic pop color palette and you get a little peek at Curb Stomp #1.  (Or at least a peek inside my bean when I was reading it.)


The Woods #10
Boom! Studios
Words:  James Tynion IV
Pictures:  Michael Dialynas


Reading The Woods continues to be like walking through the woods for the first time.  There’s the emergence of light from shadow, the sense of familiar and foreboding all at once, and a sense awe and wonder as you see parts of the woods for the first time.  Walking through the woods can make you feel like there really is magic in the world; reading The Woods can give you that same feeling.


Big Trouble In Little China #8
Boom! Studios
Words: Eric Powell
Pictures:  Brian Churilla


Bust out the popcorn and soda (or pizza and beer if you’re so inclined…which I am), dust off the VCR, this is some slam bang good ‘80’s Action Movie action.  And while we’re at it, can we dust off Kurt Russel too?  Remember how awesome Kurt was back in the day?  (I’m not saying he isn’t awesome now, he just happened to be awesome back in the day.)  No?  Then pick this book up and read it.  (Also, I’m not implying he’s currently covered in dust…but I’m not implying he isn’t either.)


Thomas Alsop #8
Boom! Studios
Words:  Chris Miskiewicz
Pictures:  Palle Schmidt


This has been one of the most satisfying story arcs in comics that I’ve encountered in a really long time.  Fun, funny, crazy, bold, edgy, fantastic, honest, human, tragic… I could go on.  Thomas Alsop has become a very real person in just eight issues, and I’m sad to see it end.