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So it’s been a while.  I’ve been out at Comic-Con International doing stuff.  And Kevin has been, well, I guess waiting for me to get back.  Regardless, we’re back, and making things happen.

This week we start off, almost out of the box with a completely random story from Kevin, because he has more than any one I know.  Then we go into the story of the Flight Attendent who told the passengers on the plane to flush their drugs.  This leads Kevin and I to discuss whether or not you should tell someone the truth or not.  Honestly, it’s probably the most intellectual coversation we’ve had on the podcast.  Of course we take it south from there with Ebola, Cannibus Lube, and a Throat Punch of the Week.  Of course Kevin has more random stories, so click it and dig it.



01:27 Kev’s Random Kojak Reference;  01:55 Kev’s Random Story Time Tales;  03:54 Flight Attendant Tells passengers to flush your drugs.  10:52 Kev and I talk about sharing the truth with someone; 16:13 Random homage to Yoga Pants;  16:50 Kickstarter Potato Salad;  21:53 We talk Ebola;  25:51 Pot Lube;  29:01 Throat Punch of the Week and Random Kev Story;