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So, a few years back I started a comic book vlog called Rockin’ Comics. It started small, with just a few video reviews. Then I launched the Rockin’ Comics Podcast, then the website. Eventually, with the help of some very awesome and talented friends, we were doing a weekly podcast, comic book reviews, feature articles, game reviews, convention coverage, and more.

And then life happened. I don’t want to go into it, but just over a year ago, I had a situation in my life that needed much more of my attention than my comic book podcast. So I walked away, and Rockin’ Comics lingered in limbo.

Jump forward to today. I’m just now comfortable enough to try an dip my toes back into the world of comic book reviews. I’ve been avoiding it for a while for a number of reasons. Time being one. Guilt being another one. I had a hard time coming back to something I really enjoyed, when I knew that I had used it as an escape (sometimes knowingly, most of the time not) from the problems surrounding my life.

But here it is, my humble re-entry into comic book reviews. This is where they will live. If you got here from the now defunct rockincomics.com, this is why you’re here. If you got here any other way, welcome.