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Deep Gravity #3
Dark Horse
Words: Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko
Pictures: Fernando Baldo

Deep Gravity 3 Cover

Back in my days of RPGing (I still do, just not as much as I used to/would like to), one of my GM friends said, when you run a demo of a game, get people rolling dice early and often.  Get them into the action.  It’s a demo.  They want to play so let them.  That’s how this issue starts off.  (Ok, you don’t actually open up page one and start rolling dice, just roll with me here.  I didn’t even realize I did that until I had written it.  I have got to stop using parenthesis.)    Things are bad, and you get the feeling things are just going to get worse.  The station is in a shambles, there are hostile alien life forms aboard, and the group needs to get to the other part of the station, which just so happens to be cut off from them for now.  So yeah, not good.