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I’ll be honest, this may be my favorite podcast so far.  Normally, when Kevin and I sit down to do a podcast, we’ve talked about the things we want to cover, we bang out an outline and then we go from there.  We often stray from the script, but we usually end up covering everything we wanted to talk about.  This time we veer off course from the word go and don’t really bother to try and get it back on track… and I loved it.  This is basically Kev and I trading stories about this and that.  We tell stories about comedians and rock stars who were complete jerks to interview, and then we talk about the really cool ones.  We do manage to work in a game of “Would You Rather” and give out a Throat Punch of the Week.  Oh, we also throw in a High Five of the Week as well.  

So settle in and dig it.  And yes, there’s a reason those guys are lurking around in the background.



02:00 This is where the tangent  begins with Kev and Doug Swap Bobcat Goldthwait stories; 04:32 Kev’s comedy Jerk stories;  07:37 Doug’s Bitter Comedian Story;  9:25 Doug’s Dave Mustaine Story; 11:38 Kev has stories about comedians that are super cool; 13:29 Doug has a cool comedian story too which leads to Kev’s Tommy Chong Story;  17:42 Things we only pretend to like;  22:57 Kev asks Doug Would You Rather?;  28:03 Throat Punch/High Five of the Week