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Kevin is out this week, so I thought, instead of sitting in here and talking to myself for thirty some odd minutes, I’d bring in our first ever guest co-host.  Korey was kind enough, or bored enough, to stop by and fill the other mic this week.  We hit the ground running with something that Kevin is known for, random story time.  Then we transition into acting, since Korey just wrapped up filiming a major motion picture.  Then we play the Danny or Crispin Glover Game.  We do manage to offer up not one, not two, but three Throat Punches of the Week.  Then we talk condoms.  Not just any condom mind you, but the soon to be latest trend in pregnancy prevention, The Galactic Cap!  (Trust me, you’re going to want to hit the link and watch that video.  Priceless.  And yes, that’s the Galactic Cap photohopped (badly) on Korey’s head in the pic.)

So get to it.  


00:04 Hit the Ground Running.  Guest Co Host Korey’s random story time;  03:13 Three Wedding in Three Weeks;  05:39 Finally Introductions with Guest Co Host Korey and we come up with a new business for him;  07:35 Korey was in a movie;  12:26 Korey plays the game Danny Glover or Crispin Glover;  18:30 Throat Punch of the Week;  23:46 what movie do you think you should be cast in?;  26:48 The Galactic Cap and Korey Hates IndiGoGo;

So I’m a bit late on this, but here it is;  Episode 2.  This time Kevin and I talk about proper peeing techniques, things I can do with one arm, and two more celebrities we’d like to throat punch.  Bonus material: My first Top 10 List and Billy Dee Williams plays Would You Rather.  So dig in and enjoy.

Oh yeah, I broke my arm.  We talk about that too.


(Not my arm, but a stunt double X-Ray)

Also, in case you are easily offended, we swear sometimes.  As a matter of fact, I kick things off by swearing.  So get Grandma and the kids, gather ’round the ‘puter and enjoy.