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Butterfly #3 of 4
Story:  Arash Amel
Words:  Marguerite Bennett
Pictures:  Stefano Simeone


Spies are inherently dual natured.  I know I’m simplifying things, but in essence, there’s the spy portion of their lives, and everything else.  It’s the very dual nature of spies that Arash, Marguerite and Stefano bring to life in Butterfly, and they do it so well.


Butterfly #1
Words: Arash Amel & Marguerite Bennett
Pictures: Antonio Fuso


Sometimes I pick up books because of the cover alone.  Sometimes I pick up a book because it has a cool name.  Both of these things are true of this book.  Butterfly #1 has neat cover art with the girl holding a gun with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  And there’s a giant butterfly composited from different guns.  So far so good.  Add to that the word Archaia on the cover and I’ll give it a go.  Glad I did.