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Grendel vs The Shadow #2
Dark Horse
Words and Pictures:
Matt Wagner

Grendel v The Shadow 2 Cover Varient

“Drop your weapon, villain!  Or face the pitiless judgment of… The Shadow!”  If that doesn’t get the noirier (noiry-er, noiry, noiree?) parts of your soul tingling, then you have no noir in your soul sir.  Matt Wagner has paired his Neo-Noir (is that a thing or did I just make it up?  Feels right, even if I did just make it up.) villainous hero and matched him step for step with the classic Noir anti-hero, and it makes for a great read.


Grendel vs The Shadow #1
Dark Horse
Words:Matt Wagner
Pictures: Matt Wagner

Grendl VS The Shadow 1 Cover

This book hits me in several of my sweet spots.  (Man, I really need to think these things through before I type them out.)  Matt Wagners’ Grendel is the bad guy you can’t help but root for.  And The Shadow, well, I’ve been a fan of The Shadow for years.  You can thank my Dad.  He used to buy me old time radio plays (on cassette, I know, I’m old, don’t judge me), I even saw the movie.  (I didn’t say I liked the movie, I said, I saw the movie.)