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Hey, we’re back!  It’s Episode 005: The Returning. (You know, because we were gone last week.)  The Holiday (Easter) happened and a few other things, but Kevin and I are back with what may be our best, or possibly, worst podcast so far.  I’m pretty sure I should appologize up front for 70% of this week’s content.  Things get a bit weird and there’s a lot of sexy time talk that may or not be considered sexy.  But hey, I’m no judge.  

This week we tackle the tough questions, like, are girl farts a turn on?  How many Peeps will fit in a toilet before your office manager gets upset?  What does that taste like?  What does Kevin like about the Illinois Marathon?  And believe it or not, there’s more.

So strap in and make with the clicky.  We’ve got Episode 005 to get to.


(Yeah, I know, I’ve used this pic before.  Get over it.  Besides, I think this one sums up pretty well the overall attitude of this week’s podcast.)

01:03 Kevin’s Peep Stories;  02:55 Strange Sex Turn Ons;  8:35 Doritos Jacked Taste Test;  15:23 Throat Punch of the Week;  19:06 Kev wraps up the Illinois Marathon in four words;  19:58 back to Throat Punching;  21:31 Douche Bag Rich Guy;  23:45 Tan Mom is a mess