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Butterfly #3 of 4
Story:  Arash Amel
Words:  Marguerite Bennett
Pictures:  Stefano Simeone


Spies are inherently dual natured.  I know I’m simplifying things, but in essence, there’s the spy portion of their lives, and everything else.  It’s the very dual nature of spies that Arash, Marguerite and Stefano bring to life in Butterfly, and they do it so well.


Butterfly #2
Story: Arash Amel
Words: Marguerite Bennett
Pictures: Antonio Fuso


Families and spy stories are both complicated.  They are both built with layer after layer of experience and adventure, of tragedy and secrets.  They’re at once hard to pin down and define, yet when you get a snapshot of one it’s easy to recognize them for what they are.  That’s what makes Butterfly work so well.  It’s a spy story about family, and you know what they say about families: they all have their secrets.


Cloaks #2
Boom! Studios
Words: Caleb Monroe
Pictures: Mariano Navarro


When you’re a super talented kid who is recruited by a covert operative team named CLOAKS, and the guy they bring in to help with that recruitment is the super talented kid’s former father figure whom he thought was dead and now, clearly isn’t… well, then you know things aren’t going to be exactly as they appear on the surface.  Welcome to issue two of Cloaks.


Steed And Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed #3
Boom! Studios
Words: Ian Edginton
Pictures: Marco Cosentino


Damn, this is a fun book.  I mean, this is just balls out, spy-tastic, totally mod fun.  Reading this conjurs up memories of James Coburn as Our Man Flint with just a bit of a nod to Get Smart and The Pink Panther.  I know, these are the Avengers from the TV show, but I didn’t get to see that as a kid so these are the impressions I have in my head.  If they stir up different memories in your noggin well, that’s as it should be.  But for me, this is what I’m reminded of and it makes me do a little happy dance.  So it’s not so much dancing as physical turrets, but you get the idea.