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The Story Teller: Witches #2
Words and Pictures: Kyla Vanderklugt


Archaia puts out some of the best looking books on the market today, and Jim Henson’s The Story Teller Witches is another perfect example of that.

This might seem a bit off the beaten path for me, since I admitted like my stories dark and sometimes violent, but man, it’s hard to deny a well told story.  And that’s what you get with The Story Teller Witches.  With this, the second tale, we get the story of the Snow Witch.  This, like the previous issue, is a retelling of a classic fairy tale involving a witch, and Kyla Vanderklugt has done an amazing job of bringing that story to life.  Like all things with the Jim Henson label, this story has a sense of the fantastic, a sense of wonder, and a sense of magic.  It’s what really good story telling is all about.

The landscape formatting of this tale makes you shift your perspective which does nothing but help you get into the mindset that what you’re about to read is very different from what you’re used to.  And yet, it’s so familiar.  It’s engaging from the first page.  It’s visually intriguing; with many of the pages appearing as if they were ancient murals.  Take some time to venture off the beaten path and pick this up.

This story is perfect to sit down with a cozy fire on a cold winter night and read it to your kids.  Or just read it yourself.  It’s a gorgeous book and if you like just plain good stories, you’re going to love this series.

4 out of 5 Fuzzy Dogs