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So let me say I’m sorry right up front.  Not for the content of this podcast (although, after hearing it you might feel I owe you an apology at the very least) but rather for the fact it is a bit disjointed.  Halfway through our recording, I accidentally hit the stop button.  Then, when I fired the recording back up, I managed to record over the first few moments of the podcast.  Then I had to go back and figure it all out.  So for that, I’m sorry.  

This week has been a bit odd for both Kevin and myself, and I think this podcast shows that.  I kickstart things with a solid rant against the Child Pageant community, because frankly, I think they’re at the best, a complete waste of time, at the worst, exploitative.  We move on to Brazillian butts, weird findings on the sides of roads, an oily case of public nudity, and the Throat Punch of the Week.  (So my Throat Punch this week may offend some of you out there.  That’s fine.  I’m just putting out one possibility.  And I’m not the only one with that thought running around in my head, so, there ya go.)

I’ve also included a video for what could be an obscure reference near the end of the podcast.





01:17 It’s been a weird week;  04:59 Doug’s rant on Kid Pageants;  07:28 Random Kardashian rant;  08:25 for the first time ever the Kardashians lead to something good: The High Five of the Week;  11:11 Weirdest thing you’ve found on the side of the road;  13:07 Impromptu story time with Uncle Kev: Lost and Found edition;  16:25 a story of public nudity;  17:49 this is where I accidentally stop recording because I’m twitchy;  19:52 We like celebrity boobs;  20:55 Kevin comes up with a new jingle;  21:37 Throat Punch of the Week

So it’s been a while.  I’ve been out at Comic-Con International doing stuff.  And Kevin has been, well, I guess waiting for me to get back.  Regardless, we’re back, and making things happen.

This week we start off, almost out of the box with a completely random story from Kevin, because he has more than any one I know.  Then we go into the story of the Flight Attendent who told the passengers on the plane to flush their drugs.  This leads Kevin and I to discuss whether or not you should tell someone the truth or not.  Honestly, it’s probably the most intellectual coversation we’ve had on the podcast.  Of course we take it south from there with Ebola, Cannibus Lube, and a Throat Punch of the Week.  Of course Kevin has more random stories, so click it and dig it.



01:27 Kev’s Random Kojak Reference;  01:55 Kev’s Random Story Time Tales;  03:54 Flight Attendant Tells passengers to flush your drugs.  10:52 Kev and I talk about sharing the truth with someone; 16:13 Random homage to Yoga Pants;  16:50 Kickstarter Potato Salad;  21:53 We talk Ebola;  25:51 Pot Lube;  29:01 Throat Punch of the Week and Random Kev Story;

I’ll be honest, this may be my favorite podcast so far.  Normally, when Kevin and I sit down to do a podcast, we’ve talked about the things we want to cover, we bang out an outline and then we go from there.  We often stray from the script, but we usually end up covering everything we wanted to talk about.  This time we veer off course from the word go and don’t really bother to try and get it back on track… and I loved it.  This is basically Kev and I trading stories about this and that.  We tell stories about comedians and rock stars who were complete jerks to interview, and then we talk about the really cool ones.  We do manage to work in a game of “Would You Rather” and give out a Throat Punch of the Week.  Oh, we also throw in a High Five of the Week as well.  

So settle in and dig it.  And yes, there’s a reason those guys are lurking around in the background.



02:00 This is where the tangent  begins with Kev and Doug Swap Bobcat Goldthwait stories; 04:32 Kev’s comedy Jerk stories;  07:37 Doug’s Bitter Comedian Story;  9:25 Doug’s Dave Mustaine Story; 11:38 Kev has stories about comedians that are super cool; 13:29 Doug has a cool comedian story too which leads to Kev’s Tommy Chong Story;  17:42 Things we only pretend to like;  22:57 Kev asks Doug Would You Rather?;  28:03 Throat Punch/High Five of the Week

This week, Kevin is out on injured reserve.  So I brought in some folks to help me out:  Ryan (the guy who came up with the Doughnut Dog) and our buddy, DJ Squish.  With Kevin gone, the three of us just hung out and played a new game, and kind of played another sort of game type thing.  We manage to get in a Throat Punch of the Week and all three of us have someone we want to punch.  So sit back and enjoy our fart sounds and weird fetishes.  You’re welcome.


01:34 Fart Board Challenge;  07:59 The Weird Turn on Game that really isn’t much of a game;  14:05 Random Coco Rant/praise;  15:58 Throat Punch of the Week

Welcome to Summer!  With that said, I feel the need to say the following.  But before I do, I want to say, I shouldn’t have to say what I’m about to say.  I feel like we’re all fairly rational adults and if you’re stopping by a website called This Podcast Sucks, you probably don’t want to have your kids listening to it without your hearing it first.  However, this is the internet, and people would rather blame me for not telling them we talk about nipples, porn, and other sex type things because heaven forbid you don’t put any limitations on your kids and what they watch/listen to on the internet.  But if you are listening, thanks!  Tell your friends!

WARNING:  This podcast is for adults, by adults… mostly.  There may be some offensive material ahead.  (Also, falling dildos ahead.) You’ve been warned.  I will just say this, we like it.  We talk about freeing the nipple, bathing Kevin, a new game called Porno or App, a Throat Punch of the Week, and some other randomness.  We also get going on a few tangents, usually sexual in nature.  So there’s that.  

Oh, and just to be clear, Rhiana makes no appearance in any way, shape, or form in this episode of the podcast.  (I just like the pic.)

Oh, here’s a little something we mention during the podcast. (Thanks DJ Squish for bringing it to our attention.)



This is a GIF from the original cgi short from YouTuber Logitech4873

02:20 Free The Nipple;  05:42 falling dildos;  07:39 What would you do with an extra hour in your day?;  11:37 things that can ruin a vacation;  14:50 Porno or Smart Phone App;  18:16 Throat Punch of the Week;  22:30 Tease the Doughnut

Let me just say, wow.  This is one of the most random episodes we’ve done yet, and somehow, it’s already one of my favorites.  For the first time since starting, oh those many eleven episodes ago, we have a special guest.  Our buddy Ryan sits in with us to talk all kinds of random mish mash.  We talk about my weird relationship with my snooze alarm; Mila Kunis’ thoughts on childbirth; odd celebrity crushes; building a better donut sammich; one of the most offensive Throat Punches of the Week plus a Hearty High Five of You ‘Da Man; and Kevin apparently never went to a real Summer Camp.

So get with the clicky.  Stream it.  Download it.  Listen to it.  

(picture of Ryan used without permission… so, Ryan?  Can I use this pic?  K, thanks!)


02:03 Doug is dating his snooze alarm;  04:23 Mila Kunis on childbirth;  05:27 Ryan makes a Rip Taylor reference;  09:01 Guilty Pleasure Celebrity Crush Kind of Sort of;  11:43 We want to make a donut bun sammich;  17:50  Throat Punch and Hearty Congrats;  21:04 Signs you’re at a bad Summer Camp;  23:32 Random Story Time with Ryan

Hey!  We’re back!  Kevin was gone last week, and I just got back from vacation so we’re both here for thirty plus minutes of audio action.  This week, we recall Vacation Horror Stories!  (Bum, bum, buuuhhhhm!)  And let me tell ya, Kevin has some doozies.  (I mean really.  How many “Holy Crap! No Way!” stories can one guy have?  He’s like an encyclopedia of weird personal experiences.)  We also run down some places you may want to avoid on vacation, or not.  You could be a thrillseeker, I don’t know.  Plus a few horror stories of other folks.  I found a few travel tips for ya, plus another Throat Punch of the Week!  

So get in there and learn!


00:30 Welcome Back; 02:32 Dug’s tangent rant;  04:37 Dug’s Vacation Horror Stories;  09:55 Kevin’s Vacation Horror Stories;  19:42 Kev Random Story Time;  21:09 Countries you’re most likely to get kidnapped;  26:18 Mexico Vacation Horror Stories from the interwebs;  28:40 Travel Tips; 33:11 Throat Punch of the Week:  it’s a twofer!;  38:05 Dug asks a pertinent question;

Kevin is out this week, so I thought, instead of sitting in here and talking to myself for thirty some odd minutes, I’d bring in our first ever guest co-host.  Korey was kind enough, or bored enough, to stop by and fill the other mic this week.  We hit the ground running with something that Kevin is known for, random story time.  Then we transition into acting, since Korey just wrapped up filiming a major motion picture.  Then we play the Danny or Crispin Glover Game.  We do manage to offer up not one, not two, but three Throat Punches of the Week.  Then we talk condoms.  Not just any condom mind you, but the soon to be latest trend in pregnancy prevention, The Galactic Cap!  (Trust me, you’re going to want to hit the link and watch that video.  Priceless.  And yes, that’s the Galactic Cap photohopped (badly) on Korey’s head in the pic.)

So get to it.  


00:04 Hit the Ground Running.  Guest Co Host Korey’s random story time;  03:13 Three Wedding in Three Weeks;  05:39 Finally Introductions with Guest Co Host Korey and we come up with a new business for him;  07:35 Korey was in a movie;  12:26 Korey plays the game Danny Glover or Crispin Glover;  18:30 Throat Punch of the Week;  23:46 what movie do you think you should be cast in?;  26:48 The Galactic Cap and Korey Hates IndiGoGo;

Hey, we’re back!  It’s Episode 005: The Returning. (You know, because we were gone last week.)  The Holiday (Easter) happened and a few other things, but Kevin and I are back with what may be our best, or possibly, worst podcast so far.  I’m pretty sure I should appologize up front for 70% of this week’s content.  Things get a bit weird and there’s a lot of sexy time talk that may or not be considered sexy.  But hey, I’m no judge.  

This week we tackle the tough questions, like, are girl farts a turn on?  How many Peeps will fit in a toilet before your office manager gets upset?  What does that taste like?  What does Kevin like about the Illinois Marathon?  And believe it or not, there’s more.

So strap in and make with the clicky.  We’ve got Episode 005 to get to.


(Yeah, I know, I’ve used this pic before.  Get over it.  Besides, I think this one sums up pretty well the overall attitude of this week’s podcast.)

01:03 Kevin’s Peep Stories;  02:55 Strange Sex Turn Ons;  8:35 Doritos Jacked Taste Test;  15:23 Throat Punch of the Week;  19:06 Kev wraps up the Illinois Marathon in four words;  19:58 back to Throat Punching;  21:31 Douche Bag Rich Guy;  23:45 Tan Mom is a mess


Things get weird this week as Kevin and I delve into the paranormal!  (Duhn, duhn, DUUHHHHN!)  Seriously, though, Kevin and I both share an odd facination with the paranormal, so we thought we’d tackle that this week.  We’ve got some personal experiences, I’ve got some audio from some listeners, as well as two really good stories from Dustin Pari.  You might remember him from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.  I had the chance to talk with him last week about a bunch of stuff and these two stories were just too good not to share.  

We’ll also do our Celebrity Throat Punch of the Week, and do a quick flashback to last week and talk a little Late Show action.  But we start the whole shebang with a celebrity who says “Bye bye” to Twitter.

That’s it.  Let’s get ghosty.

(By the way, I’m half embarassed that at the 26:26 mark I didn’t make the “He slimed me” joke.  What was I thinking?)

2:43 Minnie Driver quits Twitter;  6:15 Ghost Stories;  8:17 Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International first encounter story;  12:15 Kevin’s ghost story;  15:46 Doug’s UFO Story;  17:51 Shadow People phone call;  20:07 Not so Paranormal phone call;  22:02 Not So Paranormal stories;  26:34 Throat Punch of the Week;  27:51 Flashback to Last week Colbert replaces Letterman